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4 stars A scandalous and amusing read from one of my favorite authors.This is a really great start to Lauren Layne s new Man of the Year series Yay A Politically themed romance with the all the wit, humor and style that I have come to expect and associate with this author I really enjoyed this supposed bad girl honest politician storyline A very rapid page turner for me Say no.I do highly recommend this humorous and smart romance to all fans and lovers of contemporary romance Thank you Montlake Romance and Netgalley for this ARC and this is my honest review. There is nothing wrong with this book except that I think it s just okay ish RTCARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Lauren Layne is a familiar author to me I have read many of her books I was very happy that I received this book as an ARC Yours In Scandal is the first book in the upcoming series Man of the Year It is a light, feelgood contemporary romance Robert is New York mayor and Adeline is a party planner he hires to organize his last party as a mayor She is also the daughter of his political opponent Robert s political adviser wants him to use her in the battle for the governor s seat All Adeline wants is to do her job and stay out of the spotlight It is very difficult to love completely this book or dislike it I m somewhere in between Besides predictability, there is nothing really wrong with this book Also, predictability can bring a certain comfort while reading I guess I can argue both sides Then there is a fact that I had a feeling that Lauren Layne already wrote this book I am sure there is an entire series about wedding planners The characters, the plotline, the upcoming series it all feels very deja vu Maybe if I cared for these characters I would love it This a well written book, with great pace and it is really easy to get into it and finish reading it But I wish I loved it Nothing really stood out A solid read that I am sure many readers will enjoy I would recommend this book to all the readers who enjoy cute, comforting and light contemporary romance books Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me this book copy in exchange for my honest opinion. 4 Stars This was my first book by Lauren Layne and I really enjoyed it Adeline is a party planner hired to plan Robert, the NY mayor s last party as mayor She also happens to be the daughter of his biggest opponent Robert was really charming and a great new book boyfriend Addie was a lot of fun and is just trying to stay under the radar and put her past behind her Yours in Scandal was just the slow burn I needed Robert and Adeline had great chemistry and I really liked the romance between the two of them This book was well written with good pacing and character development I also loved the supporting characters and am excited to read follow up books featuring them My only complaint would be it was too predictable with no real twists or turns but it was still a light and enjoyable read I devoured it in one night and can t wait to read from Lauren Layne Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review I Loved the romance between Robert and Adeline, A mayor and a former party girl YES PLEASE I have read every Lauren Layne novel and i am not disappointed This book kept me up at night but I d do it again Thank you next Galley for letting me review this book This was one that i was planning on picking up the moment it came out Now i am going to buy it in physical form when it comes out too It was just a really good romance I LOVED IT ARC received thanks to publisher Netgalley.another cute romance from lauren layne |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♕ Yours in Scandal (Man of the Year, #1) ♷ A Political Golden Boy And The Woman Of His Dreams Take The Risk Of Their Lives In A Sexy Romantic Comedy Of Strange Bedfellows And Second Chances By New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren LayneFresh Off Being Named Citizen Magazine S Man Of The Year, New York City S Youngest Mayor, Robert Davenport, Decides It S Time To Strategize Next Move A Bid For The Governor S Seat In His Way An Incumbent With A Flawless Reputation He Also Has An Achilles Heel An Estranged Wild Child Daughter With A Past So Scandalous It Could Be Robert S Ticket To Victory And A Charm So Irresistible It Could Be Robert S DownfallRebellion Is A Thing Of The Past For Adeline Blake As New York S Premier Event Planner, She S All About Reform And Respectability Then She S Approached By Robert To Organize The Party Of The Season Curious, Considering He S Her Father S Most Formidable Opponent And Alarming, Too Because Addie Can T Help But Fall For The Righteously Popular Candidate With The Movie Star SmileNow It S Robert S Choice Does He Pursue A Future That Holds His Legacy Or The Woman Who Holds His Heart review on my blog rep Asian side character, half Indian side characterLauren Layne is a hit or miss author for me often of a hit than miss , but this one was, unfortunately, a miss It definitely had that cute romance we know and love from the author, but the story was underwhelming To say the least.After becoming the youngest mayor in the history of New York, Robert Davenport wants to relinquish his title and become a governer His campaign manager tracks down his biggest opponent s scandalous daughter, Addie Brennan, now Adeline Blake After her disastrous reputation caused a ruckus in the political world, she dyes her hair a different colour, becomes a completely different girl, and disappears Robert s initial plan to attain secrets from Adeline is thwarted when he finds himself falling for her instead.My review for this one might be a bit shorter than others I ve written since this was as I said underwhelming I don t have overly positive or negative feelings about anything that happened throughout the book While Layne s latest releases have been of a slow burn with less heat and emphasis on emotions, Yours in Scandal is her return to writing smut, similar to that in the Stiletto series Which I m not complaining about.I don t want this review to be overly negative throughout so I ll emphasise I did love the romance They were adorable together, even if they had the Lauren Layne s characters who fall in love way too quickly to be conceivable thing I loved how Adeline s best friends were women of colour Rosalie is half Indian and half French, while Jane mentions she s Asian Korean American, I think It s never elaborated on I m glad she s finally including diversity in her books, and I hope the next books in the series will follow them as leads Especially since book two is a second chance romance between two high school sweethearts and Rosalie has been single for a while to focus on her career Which she might be doing because something disastrous happened in her love life years earlier Just a theory.Further, I find there s this indescribable feeling when reading a Lauren Layne book, where it almost feels impossible to put the book down until you ve finished You could be reading for hours and it feels like mere minutes have passed That s why I enjoy picking her books up it s like watching a movie, but you get the depth and emotion from reading about the character s inner thoughts and emotions.The main reason I was disillusioned with this book was my inability to connect with or care about the main characters Adeline Addie changed her name too much throughout the narrative, which was the most irritating part of her character Personally, I find it too hard to sympathise with rich, privileged characters and the fact that her life was ruined because of the media of all things only added to that It was the same case for Robert, where I could barely understand the plight he endured from the comfort of his mansion while he had girls fawning over him.In addition, the plot had the air of something written for a daytime soap opera You fall for your opponent s rebellious daughter for information on how to take him down, and she conveniently hands you a thumb drive full of the evidence of his wrongdoings and you don t use it in the name of love Need I say The last 30% of the book had strange pacing, where it feels like the huge climactic scene happens, but there s still a considerable amount of time left Then, the actual complication is underwhelming and adds no drama to the plot However, the romantic scene where Robert tries to win Adeline back was wonderful, I m not going to lie Yours in Scandal wasn t a perfect read, but I m holding out hope for the sequel since it contains a trope I adore I d still recommend if you re a fan of this author and her Stiletto series because it has the same vibes close female friendships, professional settings, and adorable romance. Several friends had recommended Lauren Layne to me, but I hadn t had a chance to read any of her books yet I have definitely been missing out This is my first read by her, but I fell in love with her writing style and sense of humor The enemies ish to friends to lovers slow burn romance was really well done and I loved the banter and back and forth between Addie and Robert There s even a bit of taboo with all the secrecy and politics involved The plot was fairly predictable, but it was done in a way that was still compelling and entertaining I could see the book playing out in my minds eye like a movie It definitely gave me Notting Hill vibes with the push and pull between our characters and the realities of their lives I appreciated that Robert and Addie handled the majority of obstacles maturely, and that even when I didn t agree with their decisions, I understood them They had incredible chemistry and I just about burst into flames when Robert uttered the wordmineThe ending wrapped up a little too neatly, but it left me with a huge smile on my face and the epilogue was just perfect I will definitely be reading Lauren Layne books in the futureI voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book I am a huge Lauren Layne fan and could not jump on this story fast enough I love her stories because of the almost old fashioned charm, sparkling wit and banter between her characters Robert and Adeline were engaging and compelling and I loved their banter and swoony connection I found this story to be adorable Yes there were secrets and hidden agendas my pet peeves but I found it to be refreshing I especially found Robert and Adeline to be endearing in their reactions to one another This story was also a little steamier than Layne s usual stories as of late, which was an added bonus.All in all, this was a cute read that fans of Layne s Stiletto series will love 4 stars Ratula