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4.5 StarsThis series is just So Good Ann Aguirre continues to rock my socks off with this sci fi story, with her multi dimensional characters, amazing worldbuilding, and emotional whammies I never saw coming These book are just flat out fantastic And if you haven t read them already, you should stop reading this review right now and go one click these bad boys straight to your e reader Then get comfortable, because you are not going to want to stop reading.All that being said, I didn t love this book quite as much as Grimspace, though it was pretty close There are some frustrating moments, as our characters try to find their respective places in their new lives But Aguirre does so many things right that I would quickly get over the things that would bother me Too much is happening to linger too long on any one thing The pace moves at breakneck speed and never lets up from beginning to end.The story picks up right on the heels of the last book and it s a whole new world in the aftermath of the Corp s downfall Now Jax has to find a new life and when the Conglomerate offers her an ambassador job on Velith s homeworld, it really kind of is a job she can t refuse Let me just say how excited I was to see Vel again He was one of my favorite characters from Grimspace and I love that Aguirre is developing his character and his unique homeworld Anyway, it s a very difficult journey to Ithiss Tor and it puts Jax and her crew through the wringer even than anyone could have imagined.I don t want to spoil all of the bombs that blow up in their faces I will say, though, that it s gory and physically grueling And Jax is fighting an illness she doesn t understand which is driving a major wedge between her and March This is one of those frustrating things I was talking about These two are so good together, but they are both so very damaged I really thought things were great with them as the book began, but they make bad choices out of fear and hurt, and it made me angry and sad and I may have cried a little before raging at the injustice of it all You could also say that is a testament to how much I have come to care about these characters that I got to this point You could also say that their choices completely reflect their general state of emotional disrepair But that didn t stop me from cursing out loud when things went south.All of our main characters are evolving Some just take steps back along with their steps forward I am so impressed by how distinct and vital all of these characters are Jax and March, of course, but also Vel and Dina, as well as an intriguing new guy named Jael Each is so unique and engaging I want of them all And each helps Jax grow in their own way I ve got to say that it s hard to see Jax so weakened after we ve seen the strength within her, but I have to believe some of that strength will be back either physically or emotionally, as her story continues.This book isn t all sunshine and roses But it s full of action, romance, and so many surprises And it s really kind of epic I can t wait to jump into book 3.Rating B Buddy read with some of the impatient and OCD MacHalo Girls , Sh3lly and Liz Some of the other MacHalo girls will follow next weekSometimes the truth doesn t set you free it just presents a different set of problemsI completely fell in love with Sirantha Jax in Grimspace and totally dived headfirst into Wanderlust expecting that love to grow and bloom for Jax into something of epic proportions The only problem is that most of the things that I found so fantastic about her before tended to grate on my nerves a bit as she went to a few extremes I get it everything wrapped up very nicely in Grimspace and so the author needed to shake some stuff up but I was not a fan of the direction of the Jax and subsequently March arcs I ll get back to that because first I want to talk about the things that were still awesome Supporting Characters The thing that made this book for me was really the supporting cast They really shined and made me forget sometimes that I was really mad a Jax and her stupidI don t need anyone I must work everything out on my ownattitude Vel the shapeshifting mimicking bug like creature stole almost every scene he was in He is the most honorable of all the crew and performs the role of cultural tutor to Jax on her upcoming role as ambassador to the bug people of Ithiss Tor Vel is badass and comes in handy in a fight as always not to mention he has computer skills that are out of this world Dina is again a great female character She is tough and strong and even though she lost so much in her past life she makes every moment of this one count She also has mac daddy skills than Joey from friends.Seriously she makes even straight girls come running I love how loyal Dina is to the people she considers friends and at the same time she isn t all mushy and gushy nope nothing so lame Dina is who she is and if that means she flips you off from time to time well that is just her way of showing affection Jael is a new addition to the crew and it seems that he has quite an interesting past that make him a perfect fit for our rag tag crew of misfits He is pretty but don t let that handsome face fool you he has some brains and deadly skills under that good looking fa ade It seems though that Jael might have a few secrets that could creep out in one of the next books and I m totally ready to learn what really makes him tick Hit is another great female character She is some sort of deadly assassin that will probably come into play a little in the future It seems the syndicate is a little afraid of her so I m glad she is on our team at least for now it seems AI 245 I have a secret love of AIs that seem to develop personalities greater than their programming, I blame R2D2 and Weebo from Flubber for this She is completely interesting and I love the direction the author is taking with her character It will be interesting to see now that she is a bit mobile how much her character can do in upcoming installments The Story Overall this seemed like a transition book to me Everything was tied up so well in Grimspace that I wasn t really ready for it all to become so broken again so fast Basically the premise is that Jax is being sent with Vel and crew on a diplomatic mission to forge an alliance with the Bug People of Ithiss Tor It doesn t take long for everything Jax touches to really just blow up in her face Nothing goes right from the beginning as it appears that for as many people that want her to succeed there are just as many that want her to fail, and those people are not above killing her.The thing I really like about these books is that there is a lot of action constantly happening as all these things are going wrong Jax is always in some sort of danger or crisis and it makes it a lot of fun to read I get drawn in and I m not ashamed to admit that even though I hated the Jax March trope, yes, I ll still get to that, I finished the entire book in a day as I couldn t put it down Everything moves along so fast and some situations are funny and others are just dire but all are entertainingAnd Finally we come to the part I hated Rocky Relationship Road Who are these people what happened to the March and Jax from Grimspace March became two very different people in this book The extremes were so extraordinary in the beginning he is really needy and later in the book he was almost completely detached Talk about flopping around At first I wondered if it would be too mushy with dialogue like A shudder runs through him Sometimes I m afraid I ll wake up and you won t be here Part of me the part that s still raw over losing Kai wants to back away from such unabashed need I m afraid I can t handle it, that I ll hurt him again like I did on Gehenna Part of me needs him every bit as much, though I m afraid of that, too I wasn t always such a contrary bundle of fears But there is no fear of that since it doesn t take long before Jax needs to have space and time to deal with her issues.I wasn t a huge fan of the health issues given to Jax in this either I liked how strong and wreckless she was in Grimspace but here she is a shadow of that and almost fragile The way she pushes March away, hurting him, so she wouldn t hurt him bleh I think I just threw up a little in my mouth I get the direction of the story and it is building how will she save herself and be the Jax of old, but I seriously hope that it doesn t last that long.So then there is the uncaring March who view spoiler this is a true spoiler do not open unless you would like to be spoiled view spoiler To stay with the clan to fight instead of leaving with Jax I actually accept this and really like it for a few reasons March has always said that Mair saved him and now she is gone and he along with Jax are part of the reason why I accept that he feels like he needs to atone for that and help save the rest of the clan people and Kerri who he has always thought of as a little sister and known for 8ish years He might love Jax but they have been together for only a few months, compared to the years he spent with his new makeshift family One needs him to survive the other can probably handle it on her own He and Jax are a bit up in the air and she pretty much told him to give her space and time so he is giving her a lot of space and time He didn t like it when she shut him out and she doesn t have to like it when he treats her in exactly same manor but I felt like it was fair Here are the repercussions for the almost insta love thing that happened in the first book It was all excitement and intensity but how much did they really understand each other Here they are two separate people and Jax is so busy trying to stand on her own and not need anyone that she has cut him off in a lot of ways March jumped in both feet and decided to desperately give into all those feelings and need Jax but she didn t do the same So they are at an impasse of sorts until they figure that outI need you than sleep The words feel barbed coming out of my mouth There, I said it, damn him You don t need me, he says with quiet finality You want me You might even love me But you don t need me I wish you didAnd last but not least is that the March uses the Psi power of his mind the less in tune he seems to be with his emotions I actually liked this development, I think it sets things up very nicely for the future and how to bring him back from that and make sure he doesn t lose what humanity he has hide spoiler @FREE DOWNLOAD Þ Wanderlust à Sirantha Jax Doesn T Take Chances She Jumps At Them Sirantha Jax Is A Jumper, A Woman Who Possesses The Unique Genetic Makeup Needed To Navigate Faster Than Light Ships Through Grimspace Jax Has Worked For The Farwan Corporation Her Entire Career But Now The Word S Out That The Corp Deliberately Crashed A Passenger Ship, And Their Stranglehold On Intergalactic Commerce Has Crumbled Which Means That Jax Is Out Of A JobShe S Also Broke, Due To Being Declared Dead A Little Prematurely So When The Government Asks Her To Head Up A Vital Diplomatic Mission, Jax Takes It Her Mandate Journey To The Planet Ithiss Tor And Convince Them To Join The ConglomerateBut Jax S Payday Is Light Years Away First, She Ll Have To Contend With Syndicate Criminals, A Stormy Relationship With Her Pilot, Man Eating Aliens, And Her Own Grimspace Weakened Body She Ll Be Lucky Just To Make It To Ithiss Tor Alive Actual Rating 4.5BR with the MacHalo Ladies NO ONE because it s every man for himself now Disclaimer if you haven t read the first book, I won t spoil you a thing but I WILL hit you with a stick because this series is fantastic. I am the fucking butterfly, causing ripples everywhere I go. If Wanderlust had a real challenge this week was to prove itself as good as Grimspace While its predecessor introduced us in a new world with amazing characters, Wanderlust was about the beginning of a dangerous journey for Jax and the crew, and the challenge of a new relationship with March Despite the fact that some details didn t work for me one hundred percent, I should admit this book kicked the Sequel Syndrome s butt and prevailed victorious Jax is one of the most dark, vulnerable, crazy and hilarious MC I ve read in the genre She s not Kate or Mac, she s another thing completely view spoiler This is for you, Sarah and Shelly hide spoiler First of all, there are too many spoilers in the reviews So I ll keep this to my impressions mostly, fawning I love these books.The characters and goings on are so real because, aside from drawing from actual circumstances and issues, Ann Aguirre also includes the morally ambiguous, ambivalent musings that we really entertain in our heads and in dialogue too, the events they experience also grey For example, a few times I wondered about the placement of Lachion in the story and the characters decisions to help or go there If it were me, I d have nothing to do with a place where might is brutally right in the struggle for resources and one s allegiance is so arbitrary, i.e determined by clan Personally, I would have recommended all the residents of Lachion to GTFO a long time ago One can t lead a life in a place where one s at risk of death 24 7 the age old trade off for government and problems with authority aren t worth it, to my mind.Associating her characters loyalties with such an ambiguous place is a brave decision on Aguirre s part Actually, just making a place in the story for such a society and with respect is open minded Aguirre never leads the reader to believe that any character is safe from death either, except for the first person narrator, naturally, but Aguirre is not unaware of this Sirantha Jax herself often contemplates her curse of living long after her friends This in mind, with regular observations on people or society or emotions captured with raw honesty, it s easy to see why I wanted to quote every other page Anyway, it s continuous food for thought, and for that reason, I never looked to the back of the book to see the number of pages left Wanderlust could have gone on forever, and I don t think I would have minded so long as she kept supplying those little nuggets that suit this gritty story so well and which she seeded as carefully as the summaries reminiscences for book one No infodumps.Also, there are monsters and stuff blown up Enjoy Update It s funny looking back, after reading Doubleblind 3 , at my so positive reviews of Grimspace and Wanderlust I liked them, but I must have seen hope for the characters there than I did in Doubleblind, or else Aguirre really upped the depression to unbearable levels, or I lost patience with Jax because Doubleblind was just tedious and made me fall out of love. I lost interest in this sci fi action adventure about halfway through, when the relationship angst got added to all the other stress and problems that were going on A peek at the end I know, I m sorry, mea culpa let me know that pretty much all of Jax s problems continue past the end of this volume in the series The first book was a fun romp, but this one just didn t do it for me 2 1 2 stars. 3.5 that I m rounding up These aren t particularly great books, but they are entertaining The action is always on the move and I do like Sirantha though occasionally want to shout at her Very curious about some dangling threads left in this one. Prediction An all out binge read of this series All weekend.Because it s soooooooo good The tone of this book is noticeably different from that of the first I get that this is a filler book so, bring on book III but TBH, I did quite a lot of skimming That s not to say that it was bad at all, just different Most of this is going to be spoilery, because I totally need a character rant Jax is quieter in this book She is worried, and that worry certainly tones down her badassery She made some fucking poor choices here view spoiler Like, when she did that thing I fucking hate, you know when she sacrifices her love to protect him, even when he doesn t want it, I almost didn t want to be her friend any Almost hide spoiler Ok, I wasn t going to write this until tomorrow, but then I was just laying in bed thinking about it, so might as wellGAH MY FEELS.A lot happened in Wanderlust I don t like to summarize books and usually just talk about my feelings and what I liked didn t like The basic plot of this is Jax and her rag tag crew go off on a couple of diplomatic missions and all hell breaks loose as it typically does when Jax is around So, first what I liked Vel He is my favorite character I love him He s a bad ass, always prepared, super intelligent, and an alien praying mantis shape shifter Anytime he is in a scene, it s a good one Dina She continues to be one of the best supporting characters who steals every scene she is in Jael A new character who is a hot and sexy mercenary and than what he appears He helps Jax out, is funny, and great to have on your team Hit Another new character She s also bad ass, funny, and has an interesting history AI 245 Jax s inherited artificial intelligence unit that goes through an awesome transformation This was one of the best, fast paced, and funniest scenes So basically, the supporting characters made this book The scene at Emry Station was fantastically intense The part with the gangster Syndicate members was good too There s still a lot of humor present and good world building What I didn t like was, unfortunately, the two main characters. Jax She was a bit whiny and impotent This didn t overly bother me because I just viewed it as she was going through her Dark Night of the Soul She questioned her life, her career, her relationships, the core of who she was So it was angsty reading at times March He wasn t my favorite in this I was disappointed view spoiler I didn t like how he was written out of the story It was a plot device Not a horrible one, but I didn t care for it Then when he comes back, he s changed I get it creates drama, but I still didn t like it He goes from trying to support Jax to coldly letting her go It rubs me the wrong way hide spoiler You know what, Flannery I DO want ugly people in my masturbatory space operas So there I think that may be the main thing about these books that s still holding my attention the ugly people sex Er, I mean, the stimulating characters Let s review who s in this crew so far a damaged grimspace jumper, a psychic former mercenary, a genetically engineered former mercenary, a kick ass mechanic and former princess , a kick ass pilot, an insectoid bounty hunter, and a needy AI I actually didn t realize how much repetition there was until I typed those out Whatever I don t care if Hit showed up randomly and in the nick of time I want Dina to have her HEA The thing with these series is, you really can t look at them too closely Just go along for the ride and try not to let the little things bother you.So, without further ado, here s the little thing that bothered me the relationship turmoil Grimspace ends with such a perfect, sappy, romancey ending I really wondered where she was going to go from there I ve read my fair share of these series, and if the main love interest is established and locked in during the first book, there are only so many directions that the author can go I think that this is why also much to my annoyance most authors tend to draw out the finalizing of their characters relationships, so that the romantic tension remains at the forefront of the story When the love interest is fully established in the first book, authors of a long series will typically A Introduce another love interest or several in the next books and engineer the MC into the most indecisive person on the planet.B Manufacture tension reasons why the lovebirds can t be together sometimes highly improbable.C Realize that even healthy adult relationships have plenty of built in tension, and there s no need to fake anything.Obviously, C is what I m rooting for, but authors rarely choose that one To be fair, this is an adrenaline fueled, fight to the death scene packed, space jumping adventure story, so maybe I am expecting way too much when I long for a little maturity in the romance department However, I must say that this author tends to go right for option B with this book At least there s no love triangle I also kept noticing discrepancies with the main character She thinks almost constantly about her own death view spoiler and she attempted suicide by Morgut in Grimspace hide spoiler