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I really enjoyed this book I saw a lot of good reviews on goodreads, so I was curious and decided to give it a try.The first half of the book is very frustrating and annoying because of the way women are treated and accept it It s so frustrating to see all the injustices that happen to Faye and yet she keeps begging for love in the first part of the book But in the second half she finally wakes up and stops being naive She finally saw that she had so much to offer and became that powerful woman I liked to follow her past, which was very difficult And then we understand some of her attitudes. I also liked her friendship with Chris despite the way Faye treated her at some point in the begginning of the book.Some part of the ending I was already predicting but the final sentence not at all But overall, the ending was really good Also, this book is very graphic sexually, sometimes a little bit too much in my opinion But it s just my personal opinion.This book gave my Gone Girl vibes just because of the way it made me feel sometimes, the anger I felt Gone Girl made me even angry though.It was a really good book It did not disappoint me. I was thrilled to know that Camilla released a new book I was thrilled to read something different than police crime I finished the book within 3 days, a well written and an easy to read book for sure.I am totally disappointed from the story though I thought I was about to read a psychological thriller with references to feminism I read nothing new in this story, for me it was full from cliches We have all already read and seen in movies stories like this.And I don t understand why they call it a psychological thriller..I am sorry to say but after this book, I am not sure I will ever read something from Camilla unless she returns to crime Ebook ☨ En bur av guld ⚓ An Exhilarating New Novel From A Global Superstar A Sexy, Over The Top Psychological Thriller That Tells The Story Of The Scorned Wife Of A Billionaire And Her Delicious Plot To Get Her Revenge And Bring Him To His KneesFaye Has Loved Jack Since They Were Students At Business School Jack, The Perpetual Golden Boy, Grew Up Wealthy, Unlike Faye, Who Has Worked Hard To Bury A Dark Past When Jack Needs Help Launching A New Company, Faye Leaves School To Support Him, Waitressing By Day And Working As His Strategist By Night With The Business Soaring, Faye And Jack Have A Baby, And Faye Finds Herself At Home, Caring For Their Daughter, Wealthier Than She Ever Imagined, But And Removed From The Excitement Of The Business World And None Of The Perks Of Wealth Make Up For The Fact That Jack Has Begun To Treat Her Coldly, Undermining Her Intelligence And Forgetting All She Sacrificed For His Success When Faye Discovers That He S Having An Affair, The Polished Fa Ade Of Their Life Cracks Wide Open Faye Is Alone, Emotionally Shattered, And Financially Devastated But Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman With A Violent Past Bent On Vengeance Jack Is About To Get Exactly What He Deserves And So Much In This Splashy, Electrifying Story Of Sex, Betrayal, And Secrets, A Woman S Revenge Is A Brutal But Beautiful Thing Im just shocked how bad this novel was The novel portraits the main character, Faye, as a strong woman full of empathy and that she deserves her revange on her husband ex husband Can I just Point out that Faye, kills two people in this book one of them a decent guy but just beacuse she got scared that the guy would tell her new friends that she was a girl from the country , and frames her husband for the murder on their daugher just to ruin him How can we like a character like that, she is clearly psychotic and dangerous In many ways she is the person who should be in prison and not her ex husband, beacuse all he did was cheat on her and was a sex addict he never killed anyone yet Faye deserves her ravange Im just shocked how this book even could get published Im so disappointed beacuse im a fan of the author crime series, but this novel was just horrible.A Cage of gold en bur av guld by Camilla L ckberg get a 2.0 10 stars. It s not out in English until April 11th and it s VERY different to those often cosy Fjallbacka reads Blimey when they say Hell hat no fury like a woman scorned, they must have meant Faye out of this novel See the locations in the novel here Locations in and around Stockholm which feauture in Golden Cage REVIEWS IN BOTH ENGLISH AND SWEDISH It s rare that I usually read thrillers without romance, though this one also has steamy scenes Golden Cage written by Swedish author Camilla L ckberg, is a brutal thriller that i just couldn t put away Anti heroine Faye creates the company Revenge to crush her ex husband Jack who deceived her Faye was so disgustingly obsessed with him from the beginning that I wanted to shake her out of frustration for her lack of reason and pride for his demeanor and insults about her appearance and intelligence I, as a reader, knew she was so much better than him, and had to suffer half throughout the book until she got the sense by him freaking tossing her out of their home She had to see the truth after that and that included her process of revenge and oh what a delight it was Jack turns out to be a perverse sociopath which I guessed very early on, and like Faye, I thirsted for his blood.If it wasn t for their daughter Julienne, Faye would surely have lost the light of life, she was a very important life balance in Faye s dark life.You follow Faye s past and present, and even in the happy moments you could feel a dark cloud that was about to fall So good is L ckberg in her genre Det r s llan jag brukar l sa sp nningsromaner utan romantik,fast n den h r ocks har sex scener En Bur av Guld skriven av den svenska f rfattaren Camilla L ckberg, r en brutal thriller som man bara icke kunde l gga ifr n sig Anti hj ltinnan Faye skapar f retaget Revenge f r att krossa hennes ex make Jack som bedrog henne Faye var s himla ckligt besatt i honom fr n b rjan att jag ville ruska om henne av frustrering f r hennes brist p f rnuft och stolthet inf r hans nedv rderingar och f rol mpningar om hennes utseende och intelligens Jag som l sare visste att hon var s mycket b ttre n honom,och fick lida igenom halva boken tills hon fick sans genom att han freaking sl ngde henne ut ur deras hem Hon blev tvungen att se sanningen efter det och d r ingick hennes process till h mndoch h vad den var ljuvlig Jack visar sig vara en perversk sociopatvilket jag v ldigt tidigt gissade p ,och likadant som Faye t rstade jag efter hans blod.Om det inte vore f r deras dotter Julienne hade Faye s kert tappat ljuset f r livet,hon var en v ldigt viktig livsbalans i Fayes m rka liv.Man f ljer Fayes f rflutna och nuet,och ven i de lyckliga stunderna kunde man k nna en m rk moln som var p v g att falla ner.S bra r L ckberg i sin genre I m a huge fan of the author but was really disappointed by this book She stepped away from her typical field of stories and you can definitely feel it Good start but someone she missed the point where she had to make the twist and continue to develop the story Characters are plain and shallow, story line exploited millions of times It felt like reading a chip chick lit with a touch of a fairy tale Lots of illogical turns or actions or events where you ask yourself ok, but whats the point I hope she will not drop the Felbaka story line and if decides to continue in this direction to improve More or lest I m not happy with this book, will not recommend it and will to reach back to it to re read. 3,5 stars I ordered this book in the Norwegian edition, since it was released before the Swedish one that s how enthusiastic I was about reading another book from the queen of trashy crime I was disappointed from the get go, because the story seemed so predictable It kept that up right to the end, where I could for see every intended twist.The story is that of Faye, who drops out of university to support her boyfriend and then husband Jack in setting up a company The idea is hers Jack then makes a housewife out of her, demeans her and eventually replaces her with a younger woman Faye is left with nothing because of the pre nup She decides to eke revenge by completely crushing Jack.The strong feminist message was compelling, albeit unrealistic I appreciate the idea of crushing those men who think women are lesser beings and who demean them, into dust I see repeatedly how women are underestimated and their efforts ignored I also see the opposite though the enthusiastic, supportive men who have never seen their female peers as anything less than equals So of course I rooted for Faye, even if her methods were ruthless but I didn t like her, and so, I didn t much enjoy the book either. THE GOLDEN CAGE is a twisting, brutal tale of betrayal and revenge Lackberg paints a vivid portrait of a dark and complicated anti heroine who is both the abused and abuser, victim and victimizer A chilling, timely read sure to thrill her international legion of fans