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I m not sure I m even capable of giving a Kate Daniels book less than 5 stars any, so take my opinion of this book with a grain of salt Some of my friends were disappointed with this one because it was maybe atransition sort of book You know, what with Kate Curran having left the Pack in the last book So, yeah, this book is sorta setting up how they re going to live, what they re going to do, etc Didn t matter I could Kate Daniels grocery list, and probably fangirl over it.To me, this was gold, and I loved every minute of it sighAlso, and some of you may think I m a total traitor for this, but Roland is quickly becoming my favorite character in the series I can t get enough of him Anyone else kinda loving him a little bit This time around we re learning about genies ghouls, which I thought was a pretty cool change of pace from the shifters vampires And, no, I m not going to spoil any of the detailsso don t worry Just know that team Andrews manages to put their special spin on these characters, and makes it all very unique to the KD world I thought end bit about the ghouls was pretty cool Ok, there are already way too many awesome reviews for this one out there, so I m not going to go into depth with this one However, I feel the need to mention one thingBottom line, if you re a Kate Daniels fanatic, you definitely don t want to miss this one Also reviewed for Kate Daniels is my go to series when I am in a bit of a reading slump It help this time as well because I love her character, with its humour and bad assness I am not going to spend too much time reviewing this one because If you already read the series you don t need me to tell you to start this one and if you ve never read KD then why are you here and not reading the first in the series When I read the blurb I thought it will not be as exciting as the others but i was wrong The action meter is at maximum from the beginning and the challenges Kate has to face are satisfying for a long time reader of the Andrews I am always amazed by their imagination The relationship between Kate and Curran stabilised and it was refreshing not to read again about power struggles In addition, Julie wasn t annoying which is definitely a pleasant surprise I am glad the authors decided to end the series after 10 books and not milk the cow forever I don t want to get tired of Kate before her story is over like it happened with other series that I ve read 2 to go, probably will finish them next year. 4 I Can t Believe It s Less Than 5 StarsBut not the right kind of shock I m shocked I can t bring myself to give this book a 5 star rating but it just felt like a step back for me, it was on the same level as the first two books, which were good of course but they hadn t reached the series potential yet The last two books, relationship issues and slight incosistencies in characters aside, were pretty epic in the revelations and bad guys department They kept my attention 100% of the way This book sadly lacked their allure.What I wanted in this book before starting was 3 things I wanted to see how Kate and Roland would handle their new frenemies status, I wanted to see of Hugh getting his ass kicked and I wanted to see how the whole Pack without Curran thing would work out I got nothing on Hugh, very little on the pack and just crumbs on the Roland Kate thing.Instead what I got was a new bad guy, who wasn t nearly as interesting as Roland, Hugh or even Esra had been The first 40% of the book was less than interesting and the ending was almost completely lacking excitement And the side characters Were where my favorite side characters Where was Desandra and Derek Why were they so unimportant in the story Derek appears to be used as a tracking dog with no personality and wit at allThat being said, this was Kate Daniels, from the one and only pair that is IA The book still was better than most other authors have to offer It still had great moments view spoiler I find Roland s intervention on the marriage thing hilarious, and shapeshifters are always there to add to the fun hide spoiler Update 28 04 2015Asdfghjkl.I loved this book to pieces.It s my precious.It has that old, Kate merc vibe from first four books and I didn t even know how much I would enjoy Kate NOT being Beast Lady It leaves her place to be focused on important things.LOTS of Curran being awesome and growly lots of Kate and Curran being awesome together Their unwavering relationship is one of the strongest points of this book Andrews trademark humor these characters are all so sassy, I giggled than once Plot was interesting and fast paced as usual and I liked the mythology behind villain I have 4 words for you Tactical use of vamps Roland appears and has some sly moves Oh, and The Kate Daniels series was originally plotted to end at book seven, culminating with the classic father confrontation I am your father While Magic Breaks had a satisfying ending, there was material that felt like it was catering to new readers in response to a hardcover edition as well as providing Easter eggs for fans, such as guest appearances by former characters, making it a less than stellar read Apprehensive of the next, I delayed ordering.Silly rabbit Magic Shifts hits its first fight within three or four pages and doesn t let up until the epilogue Fast paced, it s filled with plot lines that open up the series to continued development Kate Daniels and Curran the ex Beast Lord have moved with their adopted daughter Julie to a new section of Atlanta, giving the Andrews a new setting to play in and new interpersonal dynamics to explore it becomes a bit of a running joke how often Kate and Curran run into people that say, yeah, the Beast Lord is such a jerk In book seven, Kate experienced the potentially trope ridden power up syndrome, but the Andrews compensated in very clever ways view spoiler I thought Saiman s refusal to help Kate both fitting and clever, and giving her a head injury helped limit her physical prowess hide spoiler Even better on the re read.4.75 Let s play who can be a better killer StarsReading with my fellow Kate Daniels is da Bomb fan club at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA If you have read my profile then you know that my 2 favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson BS and Ilona Andrews IA I fangirl over them any chance I get so I might not be impartial in my reviews of their books, and I probably add way too many status updates while reading them.I can t help it I didn t fall into the camp of those who didn t love the last two books, I still gave them 4 stars and 3.5 stars respectively I liked the emotional journey that Kate was starting to take I just missed Kate and Curran together But I m back to absolutely LOVING all things Kate The thing that was missing for me in the other books was really Kate with Curran and fighting the good fight together I was a little worried that I wasn t going to like the new direction of the story with Kate and Curran leaving the pack What about all the side characters I love what about Curran being the Man.what about Kate having protection from Roland But I don t know why I worried at all because IA would not let me down and I m loving the new direction of the story.First, what about all the side characters I love They are there IA finds a way to incorporate them into the new direction of the story and honestly it was so smooth and flawless that afterwards I asked myself how come I didn t think of that As always IA has some of the best side characters Whether it is a giant Donkey, a scraggly poodle, a teenage werewolf seriously how long is Derek going to be a teenager , a fallen Angel or whatever Christopher is , a slightly dirty talking I will never think of plums the same way Alpha Werewolf Desandra, or your charismatic Father who s ultimate game I m still trying to figure out there are so many great cast members that are all distinctive and three dimensional.IA s biggest problem is all the great characters that I want to see of in the book There are so many and I want to see them all but then I d have less Kate and Curran time, or the book would be 700 pages long and 350 of that would just be nonsense conversations between my favorite characters I m not saying I d be opposed to it but still IA does such a great job of keeping all the characters in the story relevant and engaging That has to be hard with such a great cast to choose from.Luther was my favorite new addition to the cast He is going to be a hoot, I knew it from his first conversation with KateWhen I quit the Order, you told me I was besmirched That s because you quit in a huff over some silliness like trying to save people s lives I quit to maximize my earning potential Don t you know being a hero is a losing bet The pay is shit and people hate you for itHe was such a great addition to the Kate Daniels family, she is building quite a unique list of family, friends and acquaintances for later when daddy comes calling.Second, what about Curran being the Man I was never worried about Kate, she is always a badass But I was worried about Curran and how I would feel about him if he wasn t the Beast Lord and you know what I love him He doesn t have to put up with pack council meeting and being pulled in a thousand directions and all of the other ridiculousness that goes along with it He has time to spend with Kate and really dedicate himself to their lives together Which translates into page time together and I definitely love that The banter they have with each other is one of my favorite thingsWhy am I the expert all of a sudden Of the two of us, you have stalking experience He leaned back Really Yes When you let yourself into my apartment before we were dating, did you fidget while you watched me Will you let it go he growled No I didn t fidget I checked on you to make sure you hadn t gotten yourself killed I wanted to know that you weren t dying slowly of your wounds, because you have no sense and half of the time you couldn t afford a medmage I didn t stand there and watch you I came in, made sure you were okay, and left It wasn t creepy It was a little creepy It worked, didn t it Worked how You re still aliveBeastlord logic at its best Just because you take the Alpha out of the Keep doesn t mean he isn t the Alpha any When the werelion roars everyone cowares except Kate cuz she would pull on death s whiskers.Chatpers 11 and 12 of this book absolutely gutted me emotionally They happened out of left field and I wasn t expecting it, but really in life that is how those things happen so it felt too real If there was even any doubt about the true feelings of these two characters for each other these chapters should take care of that If you don t absolutely know Kate and Curran are in love after these chapters I doubt anything would do it for you They are quite possibly the best written chapters that IA has ever done in any of their books.If you thought that Curran would be less without the pack well you are dead wrong He will always be Curran and he will undoubtedly always fall into a leadership role It will just be very interesting to see how that transitionsWhen I was fifteen and Mahon pushed me to reach for power, I did it because I was young and stupid I thought it was a crown I didn t realize it was a ball and chain instead I m off my chain now I like itI like it too, anything could happen.Third, what about Kate having protection from Roland Honestly I m not sure anything can help them he is so powerful I thought they did a great job of showing this in a single telephone conversation Roland is so powerful that just over the phone to see how he affected the people in the room with Kate really hit it home.Roland is such an interesting bad guy because part of him wants to be a father and the other part is ready to destroy Kate He is shrouded in mystery and I m never quite sure what his true motivations are But their conversations with each other are mesmerizing Kate s conversations with Erra and Hugh were really good but Roland is something else His explanation of killing Kate s mother was both terrible and hearbreakingBesides, you knew Kalina best I watched him closely and the corners of his eyes trembled when I said her name How does your own bitter medicine taste, Father Have another spoon on me Why don t you tell me about her You were there till the end You saw the light go out of her eyes Roland took a swallow of his wine If you wish to know how your mother died, I will tell you, Blossom Ask me Walk away Walk away, because that way lie dragons. IA has a way of making me empathize with Roland and at the same time I m so worried about what his plans are for Kate He seems like he is there to cause a lot of trouble like a few other bad guys we know and love.The StoryIlona Andrews always finds a way to put a new spin on old lore This book is no different I love the way they tied in the Ghoul s to the other Arabic mythologies and Genies It was different and unique, I ve never read one of their books and thought that I ve heard that mythos before They keep raising the bar on both the weirdness of the creatures they fight and the peril Edwardo has disappeared and Mahon doesn t seem that upset that he is gone Seems very un alpha like right But he has his reasons they suck but they are reasons and they fit him George is determined to find someone to help find Edwardo Kate and Curran are on it, but they keep running into the weirdest creatures that are doing things they aren t supposed to Like regenerating when they die into something else If things can t get any strangers there are ghouls traveling in packs trying to get into the city and a Giant that decided to roam about Just another day for Kate and company On top of that Kate s dad wants to meet for dinner and bond Once we hit our stride there in never a dull moment That s all I m going to give you on the story because I really enjoyed the plot of it and seeing how Kate and Curran juggle all of this and try to be parents to Julie Curran has some really interesting ideas of how to parent Most parents try to keep you out of danger but Curran is hands on and if Kate is your adoptive mom well you will need some practiceJust so I get it right, Jim calls you and says, Hey, we found a horde of ghouls in the MARTA tunnels, and your first thought was, Great, I ll take the kids They had fun A careful note crept into his voice Curran saw the shark fin in the water but wasn t sure where the bite would be coming from You even took the dog Grendel chose that moment to try to shove past me I shoved him back into the Guild and he began running back and forth behind us, growling He had fun, too Look at him He s still excitedReally it sounds like a great time I d love to read about Curran, Julie, Ascandio and Grendel taking on a pack of Ghouls Kate is the strict parent who knew.lolI had a great time with this book and loved discussing it with some fellow Ilona Andrews Addicts while we were reading it If you were holding off because books 6 and 7 weren t it for you I think you might like the new direction of the series Currently my love breakdown of the series is 3 4 8 5 6 2 7 1Short Pre Review The new direction of the story Pack I don t need no stinking pack The new characters added into the story cough Luther cough The Ilona Andrews special twist to the lore they used Never look at a Genie or Ghouls the same again The absolutely heart wrenching moments of chapters 11 and 12 Best written chapters in the entire series to date in my humble opinion My heart still hurts Roland s fatherly moments I KNOW he is a sociopath but he is a charming sociopath and I d totally meet him for dinner Most of the time I m torn as if I like him or hate him Kate Curran page time Thank you thank you thank you they are finally together on page often and I freaking love it Sherrim s smack down of Saimon and Curran s smack down to Mahon The inner circleyou know who they are I loved seeing all their new roles in this book and I can t wait to see where they all end up next. Roland has arrived in AtlantaSo, all the major characters are repositioning in this book The king is here and he has just adjusted all his subjects to his liking 1 He made his daughter claim the city Now there are invisible boarders around Atlanta and Kate feels responsible for every living soul inside these borders Not that she did not feel responsible before but now the pressure is really on But pretending that the claiming hadn t happened had done me no favors.2 He blackmailed his future son in law He made Curran abandon the Pack, he made him deny his kingship and his lordship He made him move to the suburbs for crying out loud and to become one of the common humans Not that he can really mingleDid you see the mailman while doing your rounds yesterday I asked.Curran s face turned carefully blank Yes, I did Did you do anything to scare him I was perfectly friendly Mhm Please continue with your nice story Nonjudgmental He was putting things into the mailbox I was passing by and I said, Hello, nice night And then I smiled He jumped into his truck and slammed the door Rude Julie volunteered I let it pass, Curran said We re new to the neighborhood The former Beast Lord, a kind and magnanimous neighbor So you sneaked up behind him, startled him by speaking, and when he turned around and saw a six hundred pound talking lion, you showed him your teeth I don t think that s what happened , Curran said That s exactly what happened, Your Furriness I laughed, pulling off my boots.I can only imagine the horrified face of the mailman Hahaha.3 Jim is forced to become the new Beast Lord And he has to prove that he is the Alpha beast for everybody who does not believe it including all the Alphas of the clans, Mahon Curran s adopted father and Dali the Beast LadyYou re a paranoid control freak My paranoia is keeping us safe Dali, I just spent eight hours arguing with the Pack Council Do you think you could postpone yelling at me until later 4 The other shifters have to choose sides Derek, George, Christopher, Barabas, Ascanio, Louis, Andrea and Raphael The Pack lives its weakest moments The strongest members of the Pack are split into two teams.5 Everyone is now looking Kate with different perspective And not in a very nice waySaiman opened his mouth, then closed it I won t be part of this insanity Rowena smiled at me Sharrim Our deepest apologies for the misunderstanding Why don t you like me I asked.Nick leaned back I could fill the room with it, starting with who you are and what you did 6 Hugh Roland s favorite soldier is forced to disappear in order to think, to find himself and to stay away from Kate.This is also the book that Kate realizes how it feels to be humanly weak and vulnerable even if it just for a few hours I believe that her stroke must be the less favorite part for most readers Julie slowly realizes her powers after the purification of her blood and as a result she has Roland discreet attention we learn everything about the life of djinns, and ghouls we are taught that nothing really worth the price of asking for favors by a djinnYou have nothing I wantwe discover that true love always wins any obstacle Hurray for the story of George and Eduardo FinallyAfter the last two books, I like Curran again I had missed the playful Curran, always in tune with Kate A hand rested on the small of my back and slid down Did you just grab my butt I whispered What Curran Yes I could hear controlled laughter in his voice.Unbelievable I sped up We re tracking ghouls and you re grabbing my butt I always make sure to pay attention to important things Sure you do AndRoland is trying to clear things with Kate not very successfullyNow that I ve conceded that point, the wedding When are you going to stop living in sin This is rich, coming from you I m sorry, how many wives did you have Recently, only one Yes, and you murdered her Let s not talk about that again She was my mother Yes, and I loved her deeply I can only imagine the horrified face of the waiter Hahaha.I have included many dialogues from the book in this review, because I honestly believe that my favorite characters interactions in this book were just brilliant Strong and funny.So Roland is here Everyone stands by Let the games begin Here Kitty KittyI shall lure you into a trap my dear. The Adventures Of A Brave Little Kitty Buddy Rerererereread TAOABLKBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this particular rererererereread is the Grand Mahon Chewing Out GMCO There s nothing quite like it, if you ask me And the other moral of this particular rererererereread is there s not nearly enough Desandra in this instalment Not to mention Roman the Riveting Russian Rake aka R This is slightly very outrageous and stuff Until next time and stuff May 2018 The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 8, or How Kate Daniels Learned That Managing An Exotic Zoo In Post Shift Atlanta Is Not As Easy As It Seems. And the moral of this particular rererereread is are you pregnant Hormonal Tired Famished Why not have some freshly slaughtered, magical bull meat, tenderized by His Fussiness Himself Some relatively unbalanced people Desandra says it s pretty good and tastes like grass fed Angus Best recommendation ever, if you ask me.P.S I want to have dinner with Daddy Dearest at Applebee s And I want him to call me Nefarious Shrimpy Blossom and stuff.P.P.S World class scumbags who graduated to First Grade Asshole Status FGAS in this instalment view spoiler Saiman and Nick hide spoiler `Download ☂ Magic Shifts ☃ In The Latest Kate Daniels Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Ilona Andrews, Magic Is Coming And Going In Waves In Post Shift Atlanta And Each Crest Leaves Danger In Its Wake After Breaking From Life With The Pack, Mercenary Kate Daniels And Her Mate Former Beast Lord Curran Lennart Are Adjusting To A Very Different Pace While They Re Thrilled To Escape All The Infighting, Curran Misses The Constant Challenges Of Leading The Shapeshifters So When The Pack Offers Him Its Stake In The Mercenary Guild, Curran Seizes The Opportunity Too Bad The Guild Wants Nothing To Do With Him And Kate Luckily, As A Veteran Merc, Kate Can Take Over Any Of The Guild S Unfinished Jobs In Order To Bring In Money And Build Their Reputation But What Kate And Curran Don T Realize Is That The Odd Jobs They Ve Been Working Are All Connected An Ancient Enemy Has Arisen, And Kate And Curran Are The Only Ones Who Can Stop It Before It Takes Their City Apart Piece By Piece