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3.5 stars SpoilersI m not quite sure how I feel about Magic Breaks, in some ways I hated it with a burning passion and in others I absolutely bloody loved it What I do know is that it was a definite improvement from the last book, which read like a silly teeny bopper book with lots of misunderstandings, insecurity, douchery, and female doormatery Thankfully, there wasn t any of it that rubbish in this one The first half of the book really dragged for me, there were moments that were wonderful but for the most part I was rather bored I enjoyed Hugh showing up and basically declaring war on the pack, he was so conniving and fun Sadly, after that the rest was rather dull and repetitive, it mainly consisted of Kate, Desandra, Derek and their merry gang going from one dangerous place to another so they could prevent Hugh s war One scene they were fighting vampires, the next some random creatures, then someone else, and then another random creature It was the same cycle over and over It was only when Kate was taken and trapped with Ghastek that the story actually gained some momentum for me I loved getting to know about Ghastek, he was fleshed out and given dimension whereas before he was just kind of there Then it really got good when Curran finally showed up with the gang and lots of things actually started to happen the introduction of Kate s grandmother, Ghastek s boss, and most importantly Roland It was great to finally get some answers development I was kind of dreading the introduction of Roland, there was such a huge build up to his character in the previous six books I was expecting him to be disappointing after all that suspense and mystery surrounding him Thankfully, he was quite an entertaining character he wasn t some evil, flat caricature who I wanted to just die Sure, he was all powerful but he actually had depth and personality and seemed to genuinely care about Kate and want to know her I m hoping Kate never has to fight him because the way he was described pretty much ensured her never being able to win because he was that strong So if they do ever go head to head down the line, Kate will have to die, her winning would read as contrived and unrealistic It s been made very clear how weak and insignificant she is in comparison to him On to something that pissed me off The whole Curran acting like a disloyal, lying, two faced douche in the last book has been completely forgotten about And instead Curran Kate s relationship was perfect than ever Ugh, why bring up all those HUGE relationship trust issues only to drop them because it didn t suit the current story line Why do authors even bother writing angst drama in a relationship when they can t even resolve it in a proper way Curran saying he would lie again and again and showing how little faith he had in Kate was never addressed Well, there was one off hand comment about them promising to be honest with each other but that was bullshit since Curran has shown before how little his promises and assurances mean To me, at the end of the last book Kate s character took a huge nosedive, she pretty much just shrugged and said it was cool Curran lied to her so convincingly, humiliated her in front of the pack, made her feel like rubbish, and had zero trust and faith in her And then when he proposed she squealed like a loser, said yes, and forgot the way he treated her Where was the badarse, take no prisoners Kate Where was the groveling and them actually working on their relationship I wanted to see Curran working on proving himself again I know he d risk his life for Kate but I wanted to see him actually respecting her, trusting her, and honouring his promises to her One random comment about them being honest to each other was nowhere near good enough When Curren left in the beginning I just thought typical Curran conveniently leaving so that Kate as usual had to deal with all the pack politics, the bureaucratic nonsense, and the meeting with the People The lazy bastard I ve always hated that Kate gave up so much for Curran her home, her job, Andrea for a while, her secrets, her time and personality so she could be all diplomatic for the pack yet he didn t have to change or sacrifice anything to be with her.That s why I loved the ending when Curran left the pack, it was about bloody time he gave up something for Kate Oh, and Curran being missing for most of the book felt like a cheap way of making readers miss him and thus forget what a wanker he was in the last book Well, it didn t work on me Yes, I missed his character but I didn t forget him disrespecting Kate, humiliating her, and making her feel rubbish To me, he still needs to earn back Kate s trust My favourite characters were probably Desandra, Hugh, and Roland Desandra was so funny and crass and badarse, I m glad she became alpha wolf in the end I m hoping she ll still be there for Kate even though she s no longer Consort.Hugh was a great villain, I loved all his dirty cheeky comments to Kate, I m pleased he survived because I d like to see him cause problems for Kate and Curran, at least for a little while I hope he doesn t become one dimensional though, his humour should remain, it makes him interesting I wasn t happy with Kate constantly being surrounded by male characters It was as if she wasn t allowed to share scenes with than one female character at a time, and when she was with than one female character, it was either a very short scene or one of them always faded into the background Julie is meant to be Kate s ward, they have history, and a complex relationship yet she was barely in it Instead random fairly new teenage character, Ascanio, was constantly hanging around Kate I don t give a fuck about Ascanio or his relationship with Kate, he s a nobody, Julie should have been the one that ended up on Kate s mission But oh no, it had to be a guy instead Never mind actually developing her existing relationship with Julie, lets instead shove some random teenage guy in the story that Kate can mentor and interact with I bet if Kate s ward had been a teenage guy, there would have been PLENTY of interaction, guidance, and bonding going on But because Julie s a girl, there s no need to bother, apparently female characters relationships just aren t all that important.Ugh, Kate has had FAR MORE interactions close bonds complex relationships with male characters, in comparison she has had very few with females, and the ones she is close with she only occasionally gets to share scenes with them No, just no I LOATHED Kate s pining and whining about Curran She sounded like a pathetic YA heroine I could understand her saying she missed and loved Curran once or twice but she kept banging on about him even when she was in danger and people around her were dying And she was so mushy and sentimental about it It really put me off her character, Kate was never like that before She focused on what was going on around her and kept her cool, but all of sudden she turned into some loser Curran fangirl Ugh, I hated that part of her character.Also, she was kind of a damsel in distress in this one Yea, everyone needs saving occasionally no matter how badarse they are but Kate s mantra of Curran rescuing her made her seem like a useless princess rather than the kickarse nutter I knew and loved I wouldn t have minded Curran saving her but I would have preferred if Kate kept trying to save herself even if she was failing instead of sighing and fantasizing about Curran coming to the rescue I really wanted to see Raphael s reaction to finding out Andrea was pregnant I doubt it ll be shown in the next book Where the hell was Dali She s such a cool, useful, and fun character yet she was nowhere to be seen I would have rather had her as one of the prominent side characters instead of the run of the mill male scowling growling shifter Kate s usually with There were lots of parts that were very info dumpy and slow, I didn t really notice that occurring in earlier books I wanted action and dialogue instead of dull history lessons on random creatures people places Now that Roland has been dealt with, and Kate claimed Atlanta, and Kate Curran are no longer pack It feels as if the only plot there ll be is the stereotypical villain of the week type plot that Kate will have to deal with I m hoping that s not the case, and instead there ll be continuing, interesting arcs in the next few books I m guessing the series is back on track for me because even though I adored and despised this one all at once, I m excited to read the next book in the series. My favorite urban fantasy series totally delivers on this SEVENTH installment of Kate Daniels Damn, that s a lot of books VERY satisfying ending to a lot of overarching storylines set up back in book one Not as much romance, but the action and interaction between the characters made up for it The fight scenes, as usual, were HELLA awesome I just can t recommend this series enough if you want a fun adventure with a kick ass lady lead and a bit of supernatural romance throw in to boot but not too sappy, so guys, you should be safe. @Download ⚺ Magic Breaks ⚨ No Matter How Much The Paranormal Politics Of Atlanta Change, One Thing Always Remains The Same If There S Trouble, Kate Daniels Will Be In The Middle Of It As The Mate Of The Beast Lord, Curran, Former Mercenary Kate Daniels Has Responsibilities Than It Seems Possible To Juggle Not Only Is She Still Struggling To Keep Her Investigative Business Afloat, She Must Now Deal With The Affairs Of The Pack, Including Preparing Her People For Attack From Roland, A Cruel Ancient Being With God Like Powers Since Kate S Connection To Roland Has Come Out Into The Open, No One Is Safe Especially Those Closest To KateAs Roland S Long Shadow Looms Ever Nearer, Kate Is Called To Attend The Conclave, A Gathering Of The Leaders From The Various Supernatural Factions In Atlanta When One Of The Masters Of The Dead Is Found Murdered There, Apparently At The Hands Of A Shapeshifter, Kate Is Given Only Twenty Four Hours To Hunt Down The Killer And This Time, If She Fails, She Ll Find Herself Embroiled In A War Which Could Destroy Everything She Holds Dear Reread of the Kate Daniels series with my friends at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA only a few weeks to go before Magic Binds comes out.What is it with this series Everytime I reread a book in it I love everything even Original Review July 2014 3.5 Roland You Are a Bad Ass Stars rounded to 4 stars because of my love affair with all things Ilona AndrewsHow did I turn out Are you proud of the monster you madeI really don t want to spoil anything for anyone so I will have a lengthy thoughts, feelings and theories in the spoiler section at the bottom WARNING Do not click on the spoiler tag unless you want to know almost everything that happened in this book.It has been a week since I read this and I feel like I can at least put my feelings into a comprehendible review There are some things I really loved in this book There are some things I really hated in this book And there are a few things that I m still on the fence about But this is one of my favorite authors and so while some arcs were resolved there were also some big bombs dropped and a great set up for the finally trilogy part of this series That is why this felt like a middle book transitioning than a final epic battle. This beginning starts out pretty strong, well minus the prologue that is completely bipassable if you read the last books, it was just a summary of what has happened up until now from Barabas theories on that in spoiler Kate and Curran have had some down time since coming home from Europe and seem to have fallen into a steady rhythm But, all too soon he is called away to negotiate with other shifters about access to panacea though and Kate is left to go to the monthly Conclave meet alone What could possibly go wrong Well it is Kate so the correct answer is EVERYTHING.This is like most of the other books so far, where Kate runs around trying to solve the mystery and almost getting killed many times along the way There is banter and jokes and fighting of inventive and creepy creaturesHow did the French kill it Derek asked They send a Christian virgin out, and she bound it with her hair and led it back into the city, where the citizens slaughtered it We don t have a virgin handy No shit, Desandra said.The central monster bared her teeth, They were thick, sharp, and crooked Quick, Derek, it s your chance to shine Ascanio said.Derek gave him a withering look Desandra is a mother, Robert is married, Kate s affianced, and I m an old soul You re the closest thing to a virgin we ve got Get on with growing some flowing locks.I was really enjoying everything about the book at this point I really loved the expedition involving Derek, Ascanio, Desandra and Robert It was the funniest chapter in the book and Desandra really became one of my new favorite characters, I hope she continues to be in future books Hugh is still trying to get to Kate I have really liked Hugh as the adversary and while he is darker in this he steals the page whenever he is on it Hugh has a plan but Kate is not one to go alone quietly and she resists him every step of the way Hugh might have stepped over the crazy line though altogether in this oneLong term, I want to win And I will win, Kate You ll put up a good fight, but eventually you ll be sleeping in my bed and fighting with me back to back We ll be good together I promise you What part of no don t you understand The part where I don t get what I want You need to be taught your place It s not the KeepThere is this section in the middle that gets a bit muffled and has extra stuff that wasn t needed or I just missed Curran so much I was distracted and didn t care as much as I might have I will say that when I re read through some of the trip down the rabbit hole I got a few things out of it and I enjoyed getting to delve deeper into Gastek s past and find out what his true motivations are The only thing really missing for me was Curran I really felt like he was missing for 2 3 of the book That might be a slight exaggeration but I really wish he would have come back into the story a little earlier I was actually so happy when he a Kate were back on page together that they could have been sitting in a room reading a book and I might have been just as happy But no they are struggling for their lives as always so it was interesting.Kate learns even about her family and her power in this book Some of it was weird and this is the part where I m still not sure how I feel about the story But it wasn t dull to say the least and I loved how Curran no matter what is happening and what new facet of Kate or her family is revealed he just rolls with itDo you know what most people have from their grandmother A tea set Or a quilt Curran smiled If your family had a quilt, it would be made out of chimera skin and stuffed with feathers from dead angels But the biggest surprise I found in this book was ROLAND His character is the definition of dichotomy He seemed almost charming and fatherly at times, but then you see the towers he built and he talks of the destruction he has wrought and it is as if the two aspects don t join up I know he isn t a nice guy, just look at how broken Christopher is after being his guest prisoner, but I really liked himWhen he decides to do away with us, he ll do something elaborate, like send us magic seeds, which will sprout beautiful flowers with poisonous pollen The pollen will root through our veins, we ll die in agony, but out corpses will be covered in gorgeous blooms If he s feeling like making a statement, the flowers will drip blood just for fun.Roland smiled Death should have a terrible beauty to it, don t you think He has a plan for Kate and I have no idea what it is but it seems like it might be one hell of a ride The ending and set up for the next book is what really saves this book for me I loved the last 15% of it so much I can see why there needs to be another three books to deal with the Roland arc and I m totally in for the ride.Now onto all the spoilery stuff I want to talk about view spoiler FINAL WARNING DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE BOOK OR WANT TO HAVE THE ENTIRE THING SPOILED view spoiler Okay so I have thought long and hard about this book and even had a detailed discussion with Jessica about some of it as well to come to a few conclusions or theories.1 Barabas s intro to the book I really didn t understand why this was in the book It seemed unnecessary because none of the other books have had any kind of re cap But I am wondering if it was done this way so that Barabas has a reason to be in Kate s life in the next books Since they left the pack and are severing ties he really wouldn t have much reason to still be a part of their lives But if he is writing a history of Kate or rendering a book about what is happening then there is an excuse for him to still be involved Plus he was Christopher s main watcher babysitter and I hope that will also play into the future books I NEED to know about Christopher and as discussed with Jessica I totally want to jump on a ship involving them.2 I didn t like that Kate didn t get to say goodbye to Julie in person or on the phone, I sorta live for those touching moments I would have felt a little better about this if Kate had asked Barabas to retrieve a letter for Julie or if she talked with her on the phone to tell her why she had to get out of town While I do think that Julie would skedaddle without much of a fight because this has to do with Roland and after book 6 where Kate explained her blood and Roland being her father and how he would want to use Julie I think she would fight against it too much.3 Andrea being pregnant, I was a little meh about this I just worry that this will be a way to move Andrea and Raphael out of the picture a little bit since they will be busy with a kid and being Alpha s I really like the friendship between Andrea and Kate so I hope she isn t moved out of the books completely Andrea did come on the rescue mission even though she is pregnant so maybe I m overthinking it It will be interesting to see where they take that story line.4 Was Kate able to claim the city 100 years before she should have been able to do so because of Curran s ancestors bond with the land He was touching her and she still felt the power flowing into her so I wonder if he was able to channel his power into her for that Seems likely so far.5 Okay so I know some people feel like Kate waiting for Curran to rescue her was anti Kate behavior but I totally bought it for the following reasons First, she tried to find a way out and it all seemed pretty secure Finding out later she was in a cell at Roland s tower I don t think there would have ever been a way for her to escape Second, it showed the level of trust that she has come to have for Curran She isn t alone any and knows it, he will do anything and everything to save her Third, Gastek was there if she were alone in the cell I think she might have gone to Hugh to settle it by herself, but if she left Gastek it would ensure that he died Even though they aren t great friends, she knows him and they have helped each other a few times Kate puts her neck on the line for anyone in need so I don t think she could have left him there Last, her sword was broken Even if she went to have a discussion with Hugh, she had nothing to fight him with and she was weak Bad position to be in all around 6 Hugh went a little cray cray Most men would bring you flowers Hugh kills all the people he thinks have slighted you and tells them to beg you for their lives His obsession with Kate is extreme He is much darker in this, I was sure he was in on the shape shifter killing somehow so that was not a surprise I m sure he thought that he would paint Kate into a corner and she would come with him willingly to save the pack from war with The People When that didn t work out he decided to kidnap and starve her to death I really didn t get many of his motivations in this one, he seemed to go off the deep end I m not sure if he was hoping that she would join him and they would put up a fight against Roland together later, or that he would be in a better position with Roland if Kate cared for him Also, how is he not dead I really thought to close out one of the arcs Kate or Curran would kill Hugh for good but he is like a cat and has nine lives.7 Kate, Kate, Kate shakes head why did you have so much faith that Curran would come to save you and then so little faith that he would do ANYTHING to keep you When Roland tells her she can t be Consort and have power over the pack she is so sure that Curran will choose the pack over her This seemed a little odd since in book 5 he already told her he would give it up for her So I guess Kate still has some doubt in her heart.8 NICK well that was interesting Nick Feldman is of a relation to Greg I ve learned a little bit of their plans for this storyline and I m so in I think it is a great addition and can t wait to see how they roll it out in the books I m sorta hoping that Nick takes over the order operations That would give Kate access to the high ups in the Mercs, Witches, Order, People and Pack, a very interesting position to be in.9 The Desandra and Jennifer alpha mess Wow Jennifer I never liked her at all but she rose to new heights of hate in this book I did love the Kate verbal smack down that was given Desandra was a surprise, I totally loved her in this book She was funny and so irreverent and her reasons for wanting to be the alpha of the wolf pack was great I loved the comic relief she provided I really hope she is in the next books, although I heard a rumor and if it remains true we should totally see of her.10 Kate and Curran left the pack.I totally wonder how that is all going to shake out With Jim at the helm I m sure they will still have pack access and support of some kind But I really love some of the pack characters and hope they still get page time I think Derek and Ascanio will since they work at Cutting Edge for the time being and Andrea and possibly Doolittle since Kate is always getting hurt I m very interested in how that will change the dynamic of the story.11 The Witches How much did they know going into this They made Kate that wool sweater and told her to wear it for 24 hours because it will keep her warm when wet, but they couldn t tell her she was supposed to claim the city or idk how to avoid being teleported to a prison cell.12 Revenge against Hibia and the silver chains dude WOW one of the gruesome scenes Kate went a little off the deep end there and showed how truly cruel she could be Had she not lost Voron and was raised a bit by Greg or if Roland had raised her I think she could easily have turned out like Erra or the version of her that Hugh is hoping she will dip into.13 Roland at the end He totally made the ending for me It seems like he is going to test Kate out to help her grow a bit I m not sure if he is looking to die like Erra was, but he made that comment that it is not a bad thing to be killed by your blood I almost think he is training her so that she can eventually kill him and possibly take his place.I think that is it, but maybe I ll add later hide spoiler 4 stars Loved it Well mostly the second half, the first wasn t as great but luckily it picked up later.I m not very happy about the whole Curran thing from the last book not being resolved groveling Roland was great But Kate didn t really act like herself She was so much stronger in the first books Yes she didn t have as much to lose then but I can t imagine that Kate whining as much and waiting to be saved.I did love the ending Finally Curran sacrifices for Kate It still doesn t make up for him not believing in her trusting her and hurting her like he did in the last book 1 27 First two chapters 9 08 Snippet from the blogYou still haven t told me what you want for Christmas, Curran said Time, I said For you and me Check the glove compartment he asked.I opened it and pulled a piece of paper out Cordially invited thank you for your reservation Is this The Black Bear Lodge, he said.Two weeks ago we had to go to Jackson County, North Carolina to remove a loose troll of campus The Appalachians had a large shapeshifter population and many of their kids went to Western Carolina University We had stayed in the Black Bear Lodge, a newly built, timber lodge with good food and cozy rooms with huge fireplaces We d spent two glorious days there, hunting the troll, drinking wine in the evening, and making love in a giant soft bed I didn t want to leave so much, it almost hurt.He got the reservation for me How long I asked Two weeks We could leave as soon as I get back and stay until Christmas We d have to come back for the holidays or they will scream and howl, but with the leyline it s only a two day drive What about the petition hearing I handled it, he said Remember that emergency session that ate up the last Thursday I cleared everything The Gardner law suit Handled it too Curran leaned over and looked at me His grey eyes glowed with tiny golden sparks He slowly furrowed his blond eyebrows and moved them up and down Is that your smoldering look Yes I m trying to communicate the promise of nights of ecstasy I laughed Did you read that pirate book Andrea left for me I might have leafed through it So how about it Will you do me the honor of accompanying me to the Black Bear Lodge, so we can lay in bed all day, get drunk, fat, and not have to think about anything related to Atlanta for the entire time Will I get nights of ecstasy And days Ecstasy all the time Two weeks, just Curran and me It sounded heavenly Deal, Your Majesty Death is forever Death is nothing But to save a life, that s everything But unfortunately deep down everything is politics and diplomacy Kate has to behave appropriately in front of the Pack Kate has to behave and talk correctly in front of the Pack council The Pack needs to be reserved with Curran although not really too reserved with his consort The Pack members have to respect hierarchy and follow Alpha s decisions even if they are stupid The Pack council needs to have a certain attitude with the People council Pack has to behave in a certain way in front of the People Everybody have to be careful in front of the witches The police have to respect the Pack The Pack has to respect police s decisions Everybody needs to respect Roland.And nobody has a high opinion of Kate, until she is showing her powers.Sometimes I wished that Kate had just embraced Hugh s proposal and just smashed everyone down to the ground.Hugh is such a bad boy in this book He is definitely fascinated with Kate But at the same time he is so manipulative so that you are not really sure if he wants to sleep with Kate because he has feelings for her OR because he just wants to prove that he is the best and she is just a trophy he needs to win and take her away from CurranI meant what I told you before Their lives don t matter to me If I have to crush the coal to get to the diamond, I ll do it Aha And I m the diamond You cut like one Flattery, really Subtle like a hammer Long term, I want to win And I will win, Kate You ll put a good fight, but eventually you ll be sleeping in my bed and fighting with me back to back We ll be good together I promise you I don t know if my problem is that I like bad boys, but I find this possibility FASCINATING Maybe, because Kate and Hugh are really the two sides of the same coin Kate s light counterbalance the darkness in Hugh.And I have to admit that although Hugh left her almost to die in this book he keeps saving her friends just to prove his point This is kind of sweet.Of course Hugh plays much dirtier now He has tested Kate s limitations in Magic Rises and now he knows where to strike So he keeps pushing Kate s kindness and her love for her friends and her people.By the way, I really cannot understand how come Kate is so nice Her father is a ruthless psycho killer, her mother was a manipulative witch Kate is just nice and fair and somewhat innocent.She is doing what she is doing, she is violent because she has no other choiceThis is my city These are my people.HESAAD MINE Woah Just for this scene where she shows that she is daddy s little girl.You may notice that I did not comment on Curran I was rather disappointed with him in this book And he definitely did not make an impression.The end of the book finds Kate bigger and better, powerful, with a better weapon, with the chance of a family life and with responsibilities unfortunately which could not be avoided Oh, yes she has also a daddy now. 2.5 I don t like Julie and I do not see the point of her existence in the series but this story which is told from her point of view was decent It was included in Magic Breaks, otherwise I wouldn t have read it Merged review 3.5 I can always trust Kate Daniels to get me out of a reading slump This series is generally full of action but this volume felt like it was on adrenaline shots the whole time I sometimes felt the need for it to slow down a bit However, I enjoyed it better than the last two and deserves 4 stars We get a sort of resolution regarding the main arc which was unexpected I thought I will gave to wait until the KD 10 for that I also had a problem with the fact that Kate, Curran and the whole furry security team could not identify the mole in time It should have been damn obvious to anybody Yeah, there are some plot holes, characters become suddenly stupid for the sake of the story going forward, there was a bit too much action but Kate is still wonderfully bad ass and fun P.S I miss Saiman and happy there was no Julie. 3,5 StarsSo I just finished Magic Breaks, a book I have been waiting for 364 Days and I can t help but feel disappointed.It was still good but not as good as Magic Rises btw still fangirling about that one Maybe my expectations were too high or this book is just introducing us into the new developments that take place in this series but still I feel a little bit let down I will keep my review short just 3 good and 3 bad things about the book What I liked The sarcasm That is always so Kate D Hugh I don t know why I like that bastard so much, I just think he is an a wonderful arrogant idiot The ending Very promising, I m dying to see how this will play out D What I didn t liked The whole first 40% seemed unnecessary They had nothing to do with the second part of the book WTF happend to Kate Since when is she that needy damsel in distress The meeting between Kate and view spoiler Roland hide spoiler The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 7, or How Kate Daniels Learned That You Never Know When Your Puking Mutant Attack Poodle Will Come In Handy. And the moral of this particular rererereread is I was obviously either very high or very drunk on top quality stuff or both when I last reread this book, because it seems I maybe perhaps have possibly mentioned somewhere but certainly not down there oh no absolutely not that I didn t like the first part of this book.My thoughts exactly It seems obvious that my feeble minded two grey cells were possessed by my Evil Twin of Despicable Book Taste EToDBT at the time This is getting really old I ve had it with her reading books wrong on my behalf all the time Anyway, if it had really been the real me really reading this book, I would have told you that the first part of the book is scrumpalicious because you might consider taking a deep breath before reading the following You are quite welcome I want Barabas to be my nanny and I want a bunnycat and I love plums and HAHAHAHA and I want a pork sword and also HAHAHAHA and I m kidnapping adopting Ascanio and cool, it looks like someone has a future in the donkey whispering business and oooooooooh tentacles vines and spoiler spoiler spoiler and Desandra you batshit crazy I lurves thee and virgin sacrifices are not always who you expect them to be and oh you scumbag, you deserved to die a much painfully excruciating and possibly agonizing death and I m thinking of breeding teenage werewolf sidekicks for entertainment purposes and EPIC EPIC EPIC and NOOOOOOOOOO and All Hail Kate Daniels Queen of Most Glorious Chewing Outs Ever KDQoMGCOE and oh no he didn t oh no he didn t oh no he didn t and someone please kill that bitch already and oops, it looks while we just crossed the border to the second half of this book, oh well and hahahaha this is Freak Out Central FOC hahahaha and I m kidnapping adopting Christopher and did I already say EPIC EPIC EPIC that s too bad because there is so much epic epicness in this book I might blow up any second now and damn I love that place called spoiler spoiler spoiler it s not the best holiday place though and bones are underrated and of course you re not weird honey, this is all perfectly normal and swans are evil and hey look, someone is losing their shit again and HAHAHAHAHA and oh how I wish I d cut down that vicious bitch myself and did someone say EPIC EPIC EPIC and breathe, Sarah, breathe P.S Maybe by the time I read this book for the two hundred and twentieth time, I ll write a review for it Have I heard this before I think I ve heard this before No idea when or where, though Certainly not down there oh no, absolutely not Wait This sounds familiar, too Where I have heard it before I really think I ve heard it before Certainly not up there oh no, absolutely not.P.P.S This series kinda sorta makes me feel like KD is the Cure to All of Life s Problems Buddy Read KDitCtAoLPBR with my dear wife Ange, and the poor IAA souls who have fallen into our deathly KD Surprise Reread Trap KSRT Previous rating 15 stars New rating no longer counting Kate Daniels Stars KDS , remember It s useless, my Little Barnacles It s useless It has recently come to my attention that some of you think I m very slightly biased when it comes to everything written by the Andrews cereal box blurb included this series I have no idea why Maybe because some of you are weird and kinda sorta silly Yeah, that s probably it Anyway, the answer to the question you didn t ask is yes Yes, I can sometimes put the hysterical, harebrained fangirl in me away, not be blinded by the Andrews Failproof Halo AFH , AND show some tiny little bit of sense when it comes to this series Sometimes I know, right I really crack my little self up sometimes.Okay, where were we Oh yes, I can actually be critical of this glorious piece of awesomeness series I kid you not Take the first part of this book, for example I don t like it very much Yep, that s right You think I m full of crap What if I told you that if it were for the first half of this book alone, I would have given it a 3 star rating I kid you not shocked silence ensues I m fully expecting to burn in Crappy Authors Hell CAH for showing such lack of respect and reverence to the Andrews Gods, but I didn t come with built in bullshitting at birth, and could not NOT confess this ugliest of ugly sins And that is the awful truth, my Lovely Decapods My name is Sarah the Ungrateful Andrews Worshiper StUAW and I failed to hysterically fangirl about this book as a whole, as was expected of me His Furriness is not know for his lenience, but a crustacean can hope, right Right.But And this is a big BUT here A VERY BIG BUT.After the meh first half that wasn t too bad and had some great scenes but still wasn t as good as it should and could have been came Mishmar And Jester Park And Daddy Dearest And FtP view spoiler don t know what that one means HA hide spoiler Ilona Andrews rocks my world For real This book is absolutely a must read for any Kate Daniels fan It features everything I love about the series It s funny, in that wonderful, dry, sarcastic way that the Andrews team does so well It s action packed It s got heart and history The world building is fantastic and consistent The characters are rich and well developed It s got a romance I believe in Satisfying sex And It Is Epic The story is so big, the Andrews had to write a disclaimer that it s not a series finale.After that disclaimer, the book begins with a great character breakdown and up until now synopsis that did wonders for reminding me of all the series particulars I forgot And believe me, it was important to refresh my memory This book brings together everything we have been building until now with the pack, the People, the Order, the Witches, Hugh, and Roland That s right, folks, it s time to meet Kate s dad and the entire story unfolds in spectacular fashion.It starts with Curran having to leave town, basically ensuring Kate will have something terrible happen that she will have to deal with on her own In fact, Curran is gone for much of the book, which may cause fans a pouty lip, but I felt like his absence was vital to the story It allowed Kate to really make a necessary journey on her own and it proved two things one, that she is than capable of taking care of business, and two, that her relationship with Curran is solid than ever after the events of the last book Plus, when he finally did make his return, it was so perfect, I cheered out loud.Our Big Trouble comes courtesy of Hugh, who orchestrates a divide between the Pack and the People in order to force Kate to bend to his will He believes that threatening the people she loves will make her sacrifice herself to him Raise your hand if you think there is any chance of that happening She has to race against the clock, putting herself and her team at risk to avert a war Not only is there a threat from the outside, but there s also a threat from within There is a mole in the pack who is unveiled in a terribly inopportune moment Friends nearly die In fact, than one long time character DOES DIE The stakes are huge Hugh is no lightweight adversary, but he is nothing compared to Roland.I don t want to give away too much The journey is what is so great here Though the surprising ending is nothing to sneeze at either We see how much Kate has truly grown over the course of these books The decisions she makes here are so very different than we have seen from her in the past I love that we have witnessed this evolution I love how this story has built on itself over time I love Curran And Jim And Andrea Almost everyone who has ever played a real part in the series, plays a part in this installment, Saiman and Dali excepted I love how connected Kate has become to so many around her, especially when you look at how alone she was at the beginning of it all.I have no complaints It was truly awesome Read it as soon as you canARC Provided by publisher for review