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Buddy read with the wonderful MacHalo Group.5 Stars This book is cover to cover awesomeness I actually need to recover from the awesomeness that is this book before I could sit down and actually write a coherent review Simply put I fell completely in love with this book When I first heard about the buddy read planned by one of my Goodreads groups, I almost didn t join in I am so far behind in my reading that I wasn t sure I had the time not to mention the fact that I had not heard of this series before At the last minute, I found a copy of this book at my local library and decided to join in on the fun I am so glad that I made that last minute decision When did I become someone worth dying forI really love so many things about this book but the main character, Sirantha Jax, really was one of the best female leads that I have come across in a long time She s in her 30s and she has done a lot in her life so far I cannot tell you how nice it was to find a main character that is over the age of 25 Jax is tough and she adapts to situations as needed She is willing to do what needs to be done but still takes the time to think about the people around her I m Sirantha Jax, and I have had enough. I really like the male lead in the book almost as much as I liked Jax March is fantastic He is one of those people who seems to know how to handle almost any situation He is a natural leader He is a protector and is than willing to risk himself for others when necessary I will admit that I really hoped that romance wouldn t play a part in this book but then something happened and I started falling for March I understand why Jax was drawn to him because I was under his spell by the end of the book myself Call me cynical, but anything that makes March happy cannot be good for me. It s no secret that I love it when a book is able to make me laugh I don t need to laugh constantly but a little bit of humor really adds to a story in most cases This book was funny It s not a comedy by any stretch of the imagination but the characters just have such a great sense of humor The way that they talked with each other and their thoughts were just so entertaining I really must applaud Ann Aguirre for her skill in incorporating such a wonderful sense of humor into these character so flawlessly Nodding, I fall in behind March, not because I acknowledge his authority in any fashion but because if by some chance we were wrong, and there s something big and ugly left in these wetlands, I really prefer it eats him first Give me a chance to run. The world building in this book was not only solid it didn t bog the story down in any way One of the reasons that I almost backed out of the buddy read was because sometimes a first novel in a series can get really heavy with information and are often not as exciting as later books Somehow, this book made me fall in the love not only with the characters but with the world that they live in incredibly fast I will admit that I was quite confused about how Jax s ability worked at first but I decided to just go with it I will always come for you, Jax. I thought the romance in this story was fantastic If you had told me that there was a little case of insta love in this book before I started it, I may have skipped reading it I am glad that nobody told me For some reason, the insta love in this story works for me March and Jax are real with each other and can see parts of each other that nobody else can see I really had my own case of insta love for March happening so I really can t blame Jax for it anyway For the first time I grasp that bending doesn t necessarily mean weakness Defiance doesn t always equate to strength. I would highly recommend this book to anybody that enjoys urban fantasy The characters are wonderfully done including all of the secondary characters The concept is unique The pacing is fantastic This book is simply hard to put down I cannot wait to start reading the next book in this series Initial Thoughts I am going to need a moment to recover from the awesomeness that is this book Cover to cover awesomeness view spoiler Even Sarah liked it level of awesomeness hide spoiler [Read Epub] ☧ Grimspace ♂ As The Carrier Of A Rare Gene, Sirantha Jax Has The Ability To Jump Ships Through Grimspace A Talent Which Makes Her A Highly Prized Navigator For The Corp Then A Crash Landing Kills Everyone On Board, Leaving Jax In A Jail Cell With No Memory Of The Crash But Her Fun S Not Over A Group Of Rogue Fighters Frees Herfor A Price Her Help In Overthrowing The Established Order Grimspace is what this novel calls the hyperspace dimension used for FTL faster than light travel between star systems Ominous, no Certain humans, like our main character, Sirantha Jax, carry a gene that enables them to guide space ships through grimspace But Sirantha has been involved in a tragic and mysterious crash that killed everyone aboard her ship except her, and now she s in custody and being blamed for the crash, and is undergoing psychological torture treatment When a tough looking stranger shows up and offers to break her out if she helps his cause, Jax decides she has nothing to lose And so begin her wild adventures across space with an unusual set of crew mates.This is a fun science fiction space opera type of story, but truthfully What it felt like was an urban fantasy, even though there s no magical fantasy element and very little urban about it But there s a smart mouthed kickass heroine, lots of humor and sarcasm, non stop action and adventure, and a strong romantic component to the story Which isn t a bad thing, if that s the kind of book you re looking for I liked the older main characters who are both damaged in their different ways, but good people at their core Bonus points for being the first book in a series, but not having any cliffhangers at the end.It was an exciting roller coaster ride and I had a lot of fun reading it This one goes in the not deep but fun category Even though it s written in first person present tense, which is a narrative style that always annoys me, the plot was gripping enough that I didn t even realize it until I read a friend s GR review that mentioned it I had to go open the book up again to see if it was really true It just goes to show if the story is compelling enough, normal rules may not apply.Content note violence and death, scattered F bombs and a mildly explicit sex scene. 2.5 stars.Sirantha is kick ass Really I have bunny slippers that are fearsome.Ahem, the reviewSirantha Jax is a navigator, a human with a particular genome that gives her the ability to navigate the space in between space known as grimspace Typically, the lifespan of navigators is short, since all that time in the nether reaches of space turns a person s mind to moosh But Sirantha, now in her thirties, is a veritable ancient in her profession.The novel begins with Sirantha in a holding cell following the fatal crash of the spaceship that she and her partner lover Kai were piloting She can t remember anything about the crash except that everyone else, including Kai, is now dead Her employers, the Farwan Corporation, have been providing her counseling, which bears the suspicious taint of interrogation with intent to pin responsibility for the crash on her Oh, and drive her bonkers Though, it seems it will be a short drive Then out of the blue, a stranger arrives in her cell Enter the hero, March, a pilot and a player in a kind of rebellion against the evil Farwan Corporation Farwan controls grimspace by being the sole purveyor of navigators like Sirantha March and his cohorts plan to change that, but first they need a navigator, and soon to be disgraced Sirantha Jax fits the bill.March helps Sirantha escape custody and space hijinks ensue.Some reviews draw a comparison, for better or worse, to Firefly Serenity.This Browncoat says, No March is no Captain Mal, and Sirantha isn t any of the plucky and wonderful ladies of Firefly Hell, I like Mal s crazy, not wife, Saffron, a damn side than Sirantha As I read the positive reviews of Grimspace, I came to a conclusion The brains of both the author and fans of this book work in ways that are alien to mine I don t mean that as a put down But rather, I felt like the story was talking at me, rather than to me Por ejemploThere s a bit of inner dialogue, in the first or second chapter, where Sirantha looks at March and thinks that she can t remember a time when she didn t hate him And I m like, Whuh huh Lady, you ve only known him, what Twenty four hours A bit premature for such a big, melodramatic statement Then there s the way the March s crew treats Sirantha Keep in mind that while they rescued her from the Corp s custody, it wasn t out of altruism, but because they need her for their big plan to free up grimspace The instant Sirantha sets foot on the ship, nearly everyone is nasty to her No one, with the possible exception of March we learn his reason later, although it feels like an afterthought , has any reason to be such a shithead.On their first stop, a frontier town, everyone there is also nasty to her Even though, wait for it they need her As they travel across the landscape to some outpost, everyone is clearly afraid of something, but no one will take the ten seconds required to explain to Sirantha that the planet is infested with the ravenous flying things from the movie Pitch Black So when a tussle between rival frontier gangs breaks out, Sirantha defends herself and wounds her attacker, which summons the hungry, flying raptor things And everyone is mad at Sirantha, blaming her for the attack.Even though NO ONE FUCKING TOLD HER THAT THERE WERE BLOOD SEEKING MONSTERS ON THE PLANET I don t know about you, folks, but when someone gets up in my face, there s a chance blood will exit new holes in my attacker s body So unless told otherwise, if my life s in danger, extreme violence will happen.Okay, so it gets worse Rather than telling everyone to go fuck themselves with something rusty and sharp, Sirantha agrees, because, yes, Everything Is Her Fault Everything For the next couple hundred pages If there were bugs in grimspace, she d have blamed herself for their demise on the spaceship s windshield If only I hadn t put us in grimspace, the cute little space bees would still be alive Head desk It s Martyr In Space The love story is equally disappointing First because March is taken straight from the pages of paranormal romance He s big, strong, and emotionally stunted And an asshole But not in a witty, heart of gold way like Captain Malcolm Reynolds No, he s just a big blob of mind reading angry.Did I mention he can read Sirantha s thoughts Yeah, that s so not sexy I ve been married long enough to know that while honesty is essential in a relationship, there are things that are best left unsaid in each partner s mind My husband is my hero, but I don t want in his mind and I definitely don t want him in mine.Sirantha and March s love is essentially fated a trope that rarely works , because the bond forged between navigators and pilots in grimspace is so tight that it almost always leads to sexing.So fated love plus boring, unsexy hero and martyred heroine.The plot Maybe my eyesight is getting crappy with age, but I couldn t find it Sirantha and company set off to find recruits for their navigator school technically abduct entire communities, which seems just as bad as what the Corps does, but who needs internal logic They stop at the frontier town so Sirantha can be bullied and get her ass kicked by a younger woman Next they go to a planet where they accidentally hatch a cute lizard alien baby Spoilers aheadcute alien baby who meets a sad end, but no one really cares, including Sirantha There s some sexy times in a pirate s hideout, then Sirantha jumps ship and works in child care seriously on another planet, before being guilt tripped into returning to the crew Then she s kidnapped by a tall, skinny, insectoid bounty hunter, who decides she s innocent of her crimes and helps her expose the evils of the Farwan Corporation Tah dah, the end Grimspace, for all its faults, is an easy read, so three stars rather than two kind of like a pity fuck, I guess. 4.5 Fragging StarsMacHalo Girls Some really cool chicks to read a book with Sirithura Jax Anti Heroinesk which is not the same thing as a bitch Oh Captain My Captain March Theta Wave orgasm inducing OMG I want to try that semi asshole hero Um yes please, I think I love you Space Jumping somewhat confusing but just go with it Off world clans and mad scientists Let s just say that Sirantha Jax is my kind of heroine She doesn t really whine or complain, she has compartments to shove all that useless crap in to deal with later And she isn t ready to save the world Nope she is far practical and self serving than that She talks shit, but she backs it up as well and what you see with her is what you get Plus she isn t some 20 year old twit, she is actually a woman in her thirties it was bound to be love at first snark She was SO MUCH FUN.Just a few examples of why I enjoyed JaxI fall in behind March, not because I acknowledge his authority in any fashion but because if by some chance we were wrong, and there s something big and ugly left in these wetlands, I really prefer it eats him first Give me a chance to run.From the first moment he entered my cell and caught me on the verge of tears, he s seen of that than probably any other living soul It occurs to me that, for the sake of symmetry, I should probably kill him You re a hex, lady, dark luck, powerful bad juju, ken Only to people who try to kidnap me, I tell him sweetly, and March snorts, so I feel obliged to add, Or rescue me And then Dina makes a pfft sound Or who travel with me My gaze sweeps around the darkened interior, trying to find an ally, but nobody will hold my eyes than two seconds, it seems Fine, frag you all, I m dark juju, bad luck, and you re all doomedSirantha Jax lost everything when her ship crashed and she was the only one to walk away Sure that she will be found responsible and executed everything look bleak That is when March walked through her cell door and rescued her Jax is a hot commodity and worth a lot to the right people as she is one of the oldest Jumpers around She also seems to bring on trouble and disaster every time she turns around and a series of unfortunate events big on either hilarity or calamity This was just a fun ride full of action adventure space romance just enough but not too much science fiction and quirky crazy characters I loved the shop full of misfits that reminded me slightly of the t.v series Firefly March definitely gave me a Malcolm Reynolds vibe and I totally loved itI have to wonder what March said that garnered safe temporary passage Knowing March, it may have been something like Don t you want to see my face when you kill meI was so happy with the relationship romance build between March and Jax that I m completely fine with the explanations of why they were able to become pretty in sync with each other quickly.I also LOVE that there are other strong and snarky women in this story Dina was so much fun, I loved her hard humor and how she is completely comfortable with who she is The friendship that developed between her and Jax was so much fun and not your typical girlfriends type relationship, but it totally fit who the two characters were.I d recommend this for anyone who enjoyed Firefly, The Kate Daniels Series or just wants a fun story set in space.This is just because I like to look and Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds.Don t judge me.Initial Thoughts 3 11 15 Finished and it was so much fun that I m as happy as a hedgehog Full nonsensical review to come. Warning I ve finished this book about four days ago but I m still freaking out a little Bear with me.Buddy Read with the dysfunctional MacHalo Family.So, I m not gonna write a review today because I ve received a big number of messages these days asking me about Grimspace If you don t believe me, ask my unicorn So, I ll be answering the most interesting ones Q Liz, what did you hate about this book A Your question is stupid, I hate you.Q Dear Liz, love your hair Can you tell me why are you freaking out over a book with just a 3.77 average rating A That s exactly what I d like to know, actually How come this amazing gem is almost unknown, it s still a mystery to me But I m on a mission to reveal the world its awesomeness So spread the word, we ve got an amazing author here, writing a kickass series I ve seen five stars by friends in next installments Space jumping, kickass heroine, amazing secondary characters and heartbreaking ending What are you waiting for Go, read it And thanks, my secret is to use conditioner BEFORE the shampoo.Q Hi there, Liz Is it true you snore A Yes, it is Women snore too Moving on.Q Give me five reasons why Jax is amazing.A Just five Main Character is no Mary Sue This girl kicks butts, saves the guy and has a sick sense of humor without losing her diplomatic finesse the last thing is not true.Age factor She s in her thirties, bitches How awesome is that Grown up, mature women have fun too And there s no danger of whining or childish decisions here unless her inner five year old tries to kick people.Rare genes have given her the ability to jump ships through grimspace which allows us to meet different planets and crazy people It kind of feels like Star Trek, BSG and Firefly, all in one.Contrary of what you ll think, this MC is not right in the head With every jump, she edges closer to dying and after the initial incident, she fights PTSD all the time So you ll see her struggling, weak and angry Somehow refreshing, isn t it Humor You haven t read anything like it Minor spoiler Jax and March I SAID MINOR SPOILER, STOP READING have this mental connection and they can read each other thoughts in a completely scientifically proved way I think like Barrons and Mac And the banter between them is askdjnalsjknaskfnkfjn and every time he glares at her askdjaslkdjlks this is me fangirling again Man, I just can t fight these feelings anymooooore I m a mess, I know.Q I ve heard rumors of insta love What can you tell us about it A People are jealous and you should hate them too Okay, no Actually, we ve had an interesting conversation with the MacHalo freaks about it but I m not sure this was actual love at first sight I think there was the little detail of having to share their mind and most intimate thoughts with each other every time they were jumping so that s an advantage you won t see every day I do think there s a lot of attraction and loneliness but it s near the end of the book that I see real feelings Also, Tetha Waves yes, please view spoiler March opening up to Jax, saying she had destroyed him every time she remembered her partner, saying he couldn t take it any Saying so many things And my heart was hurting so much Just tell me, what s romantic than a guy destroying a town because of you THAT S FUCKING LOVE PEOPLE This man s pure narcotic, delicious and addictive. hide spoiler Oooh, I created another category on my shelf for this book Vaginal Sci Fi Yum I liked this book I really liked the way it was written There were some pacing problems though, especially towards the end, but it was a really interesting book that avoided a lot of cliches I ve been reading lately, had a nice romance that didn t take over the whole book I really liked it and just got the sequel, so yay Urban fantasy fans might want to check it out. BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting March 9, 2015 A word of warning I know most of you already have the popcorn handy but now would be a good time to grab a drink as well And clear your schedule This should take a whileActual rating 4.5 Oh who am I kidding anyway Let s try this again shall we Actual rating 5.5Now that s like it.First let s get something out of the way real quick There That should take care of most of the problem Then again maybe not Oh well Are you ready Let s do this Irritating list of the potentially irritating things I should have found irritating but didn t find irritating at all view spoiler If you re unsure of what usually irritates me, just ask Shelly, she ll be happy to give you the full list Of what doesn t irritate me It s shorter Much shorter hide spoiler One occasionally hears the words space opera tossed around the science fiction world and it is certainly been applied here While I m not entirely sure of my grasp of genre characteristics, it occurs to me that Grimspace is actually soap opera Grimspace is full of Very Serious Angst It begins with the main character, Sirantha Jax in prison Her unusual genetics allow her to jump a ship through space and there was a disaster where she and her partner were piloting a ship that crashed and dozens of people died Because of amnesia surrounding the event, she s been agonizing for weeks, wondering if she s falling prey to the jumpers end of life mental illness One day a new visitor arrives in her cell, a haughty and aristocratic man They meditate, discuss, and he offers her a choice escape to freedom or die in the Corporation prison It is obvious to everyone but Jax that the Corp is setting her up, but she s too busy guilt tripping herself to see it Still, she s ornery and ragey so March is able to goad her into coming along Of course, March is the pilot of the escape ship, which will mean he and Jax have to connect quite intimately in their minds March brings her to a planet where some frontier type rebels are looking to find and train jumpers before the Corp does and so break their hold on interstellar transport It ll lead them to a muddy planet, a space station and eventually back to Earth.It isn t a bad book by any means and I was motivated to try it by friends positive reviews I enjoyed it for a while, although I felt like there was excessive self pity Jax and arrogance March standing in for characterization and a general tendency to have climactic events every few pages gun fights chases car wrecks aliens that want to eat them stranding the end of a dynasty More importantly, it ended up unable to strike a narrative tone that was consistent with theme or action Sarcastic distancing Check Emotional melodrama Check Noble self sacrifice Check Horror Check Apathy Check Lust Yep It attempts to be simultaneously flippant and angry, and then throws in emotional moments in intimacy and shocking plot revelations I felt like everything should be In Capital Letters Because it Means Something Important Surprisingly, there s a fair amount of death, which doesn t seem to play fair with the reader when one is writing pulp The plot revelations are not really anything unexpected to everyone but Jax and so it ends up seeming trite It s hard to put my finger on exactly why the writing doesn t work for me Perhaps because Aguirre takes aim at a moral of Individuals Versus Big Corporations as a theme and it seems so ordinary. Perhaps its because the relationship between Jax and March was evident from within about two hours of their meeting each other book time, certainly not my reading time , although it had to be concealed in the adolescent style banter of I don t want to You have to Make me Just do it No, you make me coupled with the supposed intimacy of glimpsing each other s secret thoughts I was mildly intrigued for awhile with the thought that Jax may be on her way to burning out mentally and becoming a paranoid misanthrope I don t normally do maudlin, but it could have gone there Jax is clearly addicted to the process of jumping, of losing herself in the Universe of the experience, and that might have been an intriguing path Except it turns out that she has Snowflake powers, so she won t.Honestly, about the time they are on the Macho Man s space station and Jax view spoiler accidentally kills the alien baby, hide spoiler