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It took me a week to finish this book School was a definite factor, but the plot also contributed to my slow completion It meandered in this one a lot of internal thoughts but no real action When the real action occurred, it was always sporadic, like a blur.Also, the writing style is beginning to irk me There is a lot of unnecessary cussing I know, teens cuss But I do not see the point in submerging what could be good writing in immature language Repetition was also pretty prevalent in this book, such as how Dru misses her family or how she feels towards Graves and Christophe, etc.The series in general holds my interest, but if the third book does not get better I might cease to read them On a side note, I am quite curious to see what Dru stands for. It s as good as its prequel and is an easy read It makes you want to hunt for the third book at bookstores. #Read Pdf ä Betrayals ì She S No AngelPoor Dru Anderson Her Parents Are Long Gone, Her Best Friend Is A Werewolf, And She S Just Learned That The Blood Flowing Through Her Veins Isn T Entirely Human So What Else Is New Now Dru Is Stuck At A Secret New England Schola For Other Teens Like Her, And There S A Big Problem She S The Only Girl In The Place A School Full Of Cute Boys Wouldn T Be So Bad, But Dru S Killer Instinct Says That One Of Them Wants Her Dead And With All Eyes On Her, Discovering A Traitor Within The Order Could Mean A Lot Than Social SuicideCan Dru Survive Long Enough To Find Out Who Has Betrayed Her Trust And Maybe Even Her Heart I am enjoying this series despite the large amount of profanity Some of my questions were answered but mostly I gathered tons I enjoy the characters I like Dru and I am excited for her to Bloom and see what she is fully capable of I can t wait for the next book Now of have been thinking some about Christophe and it has spun a lot of questions in my mind At this point there might be some spoilers in the rest of my venting So I think it is obvious that Christophe had has some deep feelings for Dru s mom I have even contemplated the idea that maybe Christophe is Dru s father In Strange Angels I just thought he had feelings for the mom but in Betrayals I am starting to think there is a possibility it might be Yes there are questions to this idea like the scene in the boat house Yes it might have been an intense hug and the author might have suggested something about Christophe s during that scene but it was hard to know exactly Yes there is also the little 4 second kiss But that could have been because he needed to give back to Dru what he had borrowed, part of herself After that she felt much like herself No I would prefer Christophe not to be her father if my suspicion is correct But even if he is not Could you really go for a guy who was majorily into your mom That just seems weird What is the deal with the Locket Why does she get sensations through it Did Christophe give it to her mother When are we going to find out what Dru s real name is Why do people want to know this Is there some sort of prophecy about her or something I think Dibs is up to something I don t think he is fully as loyal as we want to think What is going to happen with Ash Those are some of my questions and some of my hunches I would love to hear if you agree, disagree, or have an answers to these questions I am excited for this summer so hopefully some of these questions will be answered. I m not that good in english, so sorry I ll try here.Han I don t, know but I didn t like this book that much.I don t really think Dru is that badass girl Actually I think she s boring She s always complaining about her miserable life She is not the girl I thought she would be when I started to read this series The author criated a character that are so fucked in life that her weakness should make her stronger I think she should push herself , go after answers no matter what be that girl who doesn t need to be saved because she can do it herself at least try, she s not prepared yet but And please Stop crying all the time That Adults should be dealing with all this sucks It frustrated me Because she has so much potential to be that badass and tough girl but apparently that it s not gonna happen untill she bloom that I thought she would be.And the love triangle well I don t know what to sayI mean that is another thing that frustrated me, because besides all the things Chistophe have been doing for her, she still don t trust him, he still scares her And looks like for her it doesn t matter he had risk his life a bunch of times to save hers and she never even said thanks to him She doesn t even ask if he s alright Looks like she doesn t even care at all She s so ungrateful He must really like her to still keep doing all of it for her I mean, I wouldn t for sure.Dru and Graves I still don t buy it They are the kind of best friends that know each other so well and their friendship developed so much that they don t have another way to go and end up dating because they don t know where else to go Because she fells safe with him That s all There isn t sparks and chemistry There s a little atraction but that is it So no way I still prefer her with Christophe. Like the first book, it is like 3.5 stars, with a little bit of benefit of doubt thrown in This book was just as fun, interesting, and as twisted as the first I enjoyed the plot, the universe, the crazy politics between the djampir and the wulfen I am suspicious of everyone, the situation is tense, and I don t even know who Dru should trust In this book Dru was much less bitchy, much accepting of support, and asked many questions, though she still needed to ask I am still annoyed with both guys as Christophe can t seem to answer a question with a straight answer or anyone else in the Real World for that matter and his secrets are insanely suspicious Graves went from this frightened little rabbit in the first book this super brave warrior who is treated like a prince among weres Suddenly he is the one taking all the action while Dru is seen as this helpless child who can t even walk the halls of her school alone I don t mind him progressing as a character but did it have to be at the cost of Dru s I still want her with Christophe though as ever since the first book Graves has just completely irritated me All this character development was awesome, but sadly it was at the cost of action There were whole huge portions of the book with no dialog You got Dru s internal musings, thanks to the first person POV, but otherwise no interaction with other beings And Dru didn t even grow with her own thoughts meaning her thoughts solved problems, lead to revelations instead she mere hashed and rehashed the same thoughts of hopelessness, failure, and death over and over I found myself skimming these huge sections just trying to get back to the action.And what little action there was didn t progress the story much Dru was removed from one dangerous section but walks into another one on the final pages So not only is there absolutely no closure for any of the current questions story lines there isn t an ending either Despite all this, I can t wait for the release of Jealousy later on this summer No idea if this series is only to be a trilogy or keep going, but damn I am just hoping for a tiny amount of closure here I really, really enjoyed this Unlike Strange Angels it started with good momentum and kept it up throughout, incorporating some standout action scenes Dru was slightly down beat but I felt this was to be expected considering everything that s happened recently and gave it a sense of realism Christophe was still intriguing but I want to see of him in the next book otherwise I think it s just going to become annoying there are so many questions that need answering I absolutely loved how Graves progressed in this he was adorable in the first book but after this one he s fast becoming my favourite character and I love his relationship with Dru There are also some other characters that are introduced Dibb s was my favourite of these very sweet.I find the mythology created here is fantastic but it can get a bit confusing at times to keep track of all the different things so a glossary would really help keep it all straight The ending was good and although it s not strictly a cliff hanger ending the book does feel like it s Part 2 of a longer story.Overall I really enjoyed it and this is becoming one of my favourite series I ve been surprised by people s disappointment with the first book Strange Angels and am wondering if this is going to be one of those series you either love or hate I love it and can t wait until July when Jealousy is released.4.5 stars Dru is now at a Schola kind of a school for vampires and werwulfs learning the official curriculum on the species and trying to relax, which is kind of hard when a possible traitor is visiting you on the sly, and someone you previously thought was your enemy is trying to save your life Oh, and you re the only girl in a school full of really hot guys First world problems, man.More details about Dru s past is revealed in this book, not much at all, Lili St Crow is really stretching our patience on that matter Tiny glimpses of Dru s past is revealed in bits and pieces through flashbacks, and trust me when I say they are tiny More insights into her past than anything useful Oh, and can I say how much I hate that witch ok, vampire Anna The plot isn t too complicated, Dru is just trying to keep her head low and survive there is a subplot of who s the traitor, but the main plotline is just of Dru s daily life and trying to come to terms with the new world she s discovered Even if she s been aware of the existence of the supernatural, all this is a little new to her and a lot to take in My main complaint is with the last 1 4 of the book There s too much going on, too much action, plot lines coming together I was just confused for most of the book s ending. So, Betrayals is the sequel to Strange Angels, and I have to say I was just as disappointed with this one as the first Both books could have been a hell of alot shorter without the constant and excessive need for repetition, it drove me insane Do we really need to be told constantly about inane objects Dad s billfold, mom s locket, mom s swords, etc, etc There is constant repetition running through every theme in the book, even down to repeating whole chunks from the first book I also found it very annoying the way the author over describes everything how many times do we need to be told what Graves looks like I get it, he has dyed black hair, has a beaky nose and is a goth And what s the deal with telling us that Christophe smells like baked goods ALL THE TIME and not explaining why Also, we still don t know what Dru is short for, but at this point I don t actually care Actually, I don t care about Dru at all She s a horrible little madam, who is not grateful to anyone for saving her life at every turn, least of all Christophe who has saved her butt times than I care to write about So by now, I guess you are asking, why is she bothering to read these books at all, if she hates them so much Well, the only way I can describe it is, you know how some people drive past a car crash, and they really don t want to look at it, but they can t keep from staring This is what is feels like for me Underneath all the crap writing, over descriptive repetition, there may actually be a story, I may be wrong , but now I ve started I kind of want to see if we do get answers the questions.Lili St Crow if you read your reviews please, please stop with the over description, and add in some dialogue, I can t bear to spend any time in Dru s head obsessing over the same crap Betrayals did what its title suggests Honestly, I expected much and it just left me disappointed.It felt like all the character had a pretty hard case of OOC plague and I can t say I liked any of them here Dru entirely lost her badassery and the tough girl from the first book disappeared and became a total weakling It felt like she had an identity crisis actually, which very well may have been true The only thing I thought was interestingly written at the beginning was the portrayal of depression PTSD of her character Graves wasn t the shy sweet guy from Strange Angels any and I felt like his change was way too fast and way too much And as for Christoph, I lean toward hatred of his character now.There is also only one other main female character aside for the heroine and let me tell you, she s not portrayed in the best light The first book lacked any other female character whatsoever and now it s not much better either.The writing style was as annoying as in the first book, Dru had still too much of her internal monologues and for someone who thought herself clever, she actually suffered TSTL syndrome most of the time The plot was way slower and less messy than in the first book, but again the world building wasn t explained And I gave up all hope that the author made the world clearer and pronounced in the sequels.I guess I will be continuing this series to see what I ll think of it overall, but by now I don t really recommend this book, except for big PNR fans There s just nothing that makes this series distinctive from so many other books from this genre.