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READ KINDLE ì Awakened õ Exonerated By The Vampyre High Council And Returned To Her Position Of High Priestess At Tulsa S House Of Night, Neferet Has Sworn Vengeance On Zoey Dominion Over Her Immortal Consort Kalona Is Only One Of The Weapons She Plans To Use Against Z But Zoey Has Found Sanctuary On The Isle Of Skye And Is Being Groomed By Queen Sgiach To Take Over For Her There Being Queen Would Be Cool, Wouldn T It Why Should She Return To Tulsa After Losing Her Human Consort, Heath, She Will Never Be The Same And Her Relationship With Her Super Hot Warrior, Stark, May Never Be The Same Either And What About Stevie Rae And Rephaim The Raven Mocker Refuses To Be Used Against Stevie Rae, But What Choice Does He Have When No One In The Entire World, Including Zoey, Would Be Okay With Their Relationship Does He Betray His Father Or His Heart Well.What can I really say The House of Night was the first vampire book series I had read and while it has a good plot, I feel like the books have spiraled down to disappointment since Untamed released None of these recent books have had the feel to them that Chosen and Betrayed had Stark is a total Gary Stu and Zoey is nothing than a Mary Sue who has to be defined by a man or some guy by her side for her to feel powerful I thought that High Priestesses were all about feminine power but if they need a man by their side then there s nothing powerful about it I strongly dislike the fact that the authors seem to be catering to the fans of Zoey Stark since their relationship makes no sense whatsoever They met in Untamed and they re soulmates in Hunted Seriously, WTF Love at first sight books are full of EPIC LAMENESS I will read Awakened just to see if anything will change but my hope for this series is gone As a sidenote Rephaim and Stevie Rae s relationship is creepy as hell Why would anyone say they think Rephaim is hot when he killed an innocent woman, has a beak, and looks like a big bird with human legs Really Is that the new teenage wet dream If so, then that s gross Addendum Oh my goodness I was pissed beyond belief before reaching page 100 Please prepare for a much longer review One with very angry thoughts I will probably abuse the capslock too but OH WELL This book deserves it I am LIVID right now EDIT Now for my review.This book pissed me off in the worst possible ways I couldn t believe some of the things that went on The first thing that pissed me off was Zoey in the beginning She chooses to stay on the Island of Skye so she doesn t have to deal with the troubles in Tulsa or the path that Nyx has given her I wanted to slap Zoey because she chooses to avoid her responsibilities just so she could have sex with her boyfriend Stark every night Oh, and she just came back from the Otherworld after saying goodbye to Heath who died because of her So she said goodbye to one boyfriend and is now fucking the other Go Zoey You re not a whore Not at all Eyeroll Back in Tulsa is where something horrible happened that brought me to the edge of tears but I never cry at books I just get seriously pissed Jack dies Yeah, Jack The cute blonde kid, possibly the sweetest character ever in this series He is killed by Neferet as her sacrifice to the debt she owed him I was pissed beyond belief This all happened within the first 100 pages of the book, too What really sucks is that Damien, Jack s boyfriend, witnessed it too It sucks on so many levels First, Damien and Jack were lucky to find each other and then they re seperated by a murder done by an evil bitch who needs to seriously go DIAF Why do authors feel the need to kill of their sweetest characters Do they think it s a good idea I have to say a big HELL NO to that My respect for authors are gone when they pull stunts like that Cassandra Clare did it to Max in her TMI books and now PC Kristin have done it to poor Jack His death was UNNECESSARY It broke my heart into a million tiny pieces The characters that annoyed me most in this book Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, Kramisha, Neferet, Zoey, Stark, and Dragon I wanted to shake all of them and asked why they were being such dumb asses Maybe hating on Kramisha is a little too out there but the dumb bitch was making fun of him before he died She may not have been doing it to his face but it still pissed me off that she was talking about him like that and referring to him as gayboy Bitch, please You need to get Hooked on Phonics However, the other characters do deserve major hate I don t know what was up with Stevie Rae but she was bipolar to almost everyone and I don t even know why she s a High Priestess She s not a very good one Aphrodite was a bitch to everyone and she doesn t deserve the respect she gets from fans I like her to a certain extent but after a while her bitchy ways start to piss people off Zoey is off dilly dallying on some island with a guy she barely knows ignoring everyone back home just so she can take a break OK, yeah you ve faced some hard times but you have things to do and vacationing on some island with your boyfriend who you ve only known for a few week jsyk is not the right thing to do I can t believe it took a death to make her come back People die because of Zoey and instead of trying to stop it, she runs away Erik Night gained back the respect he lost from me in the past two books Jack s death seriously hurt him and even Zoey herself said that he d been arrogant and possesive but there was still something good inside him and maybe if she hadn t treated him so horribly, he would ve been different I still stand firm on the belief that if he hadn t had two shitty ex girlfriends, he wouldn t have been a jerk to Zoey Just saying I understand where this guy is coming from Too many people have died in these books I know that killing off characters have become popular for authors to write but it wasn t necessary for this book Nolan, Loren, Anastasia, Heath Luck, Jack, and now Zoey s mother Linda have all been killed off and for what What does it serve Nolan and Loren s death in the beginning of the series when the books were really good were used to start a war between vampyres and humans Anastasia was killed by Rephaim Heath was killed by Kalona because Kalona is also an evil douchebag who needs to seriously get off his high horse and get his act together But Jack and Linda s death were seriously two of the most unecessary plot points ever written. ALL THAT I CARE ABOUT IS REPHAIM AND STEVIE RAE NO ONE ELSE.I THINK I AM IN LOVE WITH A HALF BIRD HALF MAN..WOW. I m sorry, but I ve had just about enough of HoN Zoey annoys me, the way they write Stevie Rae s accent ticks me off I m a Southern Girl , Kramisha sounds uneducated we know she is educated and the way the Casts portray Jack and Damien suggests that they ve never actually met any gay men I swore I wouldn t read any of this series after reading the 7th book, but I read this one because I had invested too much time in the series I wish I would have stuck to my original plan One of the few good things in this book is that Zoey only had one boyfriend this time, but I cannot understand the Casts obsession with Heath I can t stand Heath and I was so happy when they killed him off Why couldn t they let him stay dead I like Stark I ve always liked Stark Zoey should be with Stark Now they ve foreshadowed him becoming evil Also, I am so tired of reading bullpoopies , heehees and I heart me some Aphrodite is the only good thing about HoN, but she s not enough to keep me interested in reading any of these So, to the Casts you should have stopped three or four books ago HoN has officially exceeded stupid and 12 of these horrific installments is beyond the definition of the word overkill. Book Review contains spoilers Pros1 Rephaim was finally turned into a human being and OH MY GOD they finally kissed Idk I can t really expressed my emotions about it I really love that part, aaaaaaaaaawwwwww, it was just so sweet and I cried reading it.2 Heath was back and it was very shocking I love love love the twist on Heath s character and I really was excited for the next book because of it.3 Kalona can actually go to Stark s body and they re like connected somehow So okay he found it out when he was actually going to Zoey s soul mind but what happen was he goes into Stark s In that moment actually when Kalona do that, Zoey and Stark were like having sex and then OMG it was funny inserts my uncontrollable laughing here idk when I read that scene I can t stop laughing OMG head desk honestly the way I imagined it was pretty hilarious like Kalona goes into Stark and Stark was like idk having an orgasm insert my uncontrollable laughing here for the 2nd time and because of too much pleasure the connection broke off uncontrollable laughing continues 4 I also love the part when Neferet make an alliance to the white bull I think it was also a pretty nice twist that I was anticipating for the next books Idk I felt like it was a bit funny and also a bit erotic or maybe it was just me wearing my I m a perv shirt kidding that Neferet was naked all the time when she was talking to the bull and I find it very shocking that she was naked repetitive much but then she was like riding the bull That was just deeeeescuuusssstttiiiiinnngggg Cons1 Too much pop culture references I was literally pissed off by the constant mention of Glee, Trueblood etc because I can t relate what the heck are they talking about since I don t watch TV shows any Also I felt like it made the writing lazy and crappy since these conversations were unnecessary, and will not contribute to the plot and character development It appears to be a waste of pages and also this is just stereotyping and the authors violated this rule Show not tell 2 Grammatical mistakes I was shocked that I noticed not 1 but 5 grammatical errors though I didn t have the book right now, so I ll mention stuff but I can t put pages on it What it is should be What is it They s should be They re Forgivens should be forgiven3 Zoey and Stark were incredibly horny characters It was just annoying, actually I could have given this book 5 stars but Zoey Redbird, you just ruined the book for me Zoey was like this Okay so Heath died mourn for a moment and then she get over it and then she moved on and then I wanna have sex with Stark btw She s just really idk head desk , she s incredibly horny and also have an amazing bad history of sex First she lost her virginity to Loren Blake who happen to just have sex with her because he was Neferet s lover and he didn t care about Zoey at all but Zoey thought that Loren loves her and blah blah blah too lazy to elaborate and then in this book she had sex with Stark and Kalona as mentioned above, see Pros 3 Btw should I considered that a threesome Kalona Zoey Stark threesome Whaddya think 4 Horrible dialogues Zoey Bull poopie and Hee hee The queen who I forgot the name awful accent some lines are cheesy RephaimxStevie rae, DamienxJack, ZoeyxStarkBut still, still, still will read the next book up until the last book This is guilty pleasure ladies and gentlemen I m addicted to it but I admit the books were crappy but I love em because they re funny, entertaining and I love Rephaim and Stevie rae s love story I m such a sucker for Beauty and the Beast type of love stories Yeah these two are the sole reason I m still hangin up Short ReviewOkay I think this book is of a filler and the things happened in this book was like just the beginning of a new conflict to the series I d really love to give this one 5 stars but there are just so many things that I really didn t like about it sighs I just wanna say that this one is a classic example of actually a great plot idea however it was written and executed very poorly My in depth review tomorrow Random Babbling before I Read the BookI HAVE NOW IN MY HANDS THE COPY OF THE BOOK drumrolls WILL READ AFTER MATCHEDhey guys i just found this book trailer on youtube and I m seriously freaking out right now The vid says kalona and erebus are like two souls that are separated Is this true Is the ARC available yet want to know of Kalona s back story Also want to have perspective coming from Neferet this time More stevie rae and rephaim on this book.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD.OH MY GOD deep breaths, deep breaths Rephaim was the one on the cover Rephaim s reflection on one scene of Burned I wish he will be human next time Gosh I m so excited for this to come out